Feb 222014


Every director needs help with editing. Another set of trained eyeballs can see things that others miss because of the attachment to their “baby”. PSU film department head and Emmy-winner Dustin Morrow conducts a free, hour-long workshop, “The Romance of Editing” , 3:00 p.m., Saturday, February 22 at CCTV Studio 1, 575 Trade St SE. Prof. Morrow explores the history and the psychology of editing, and seeks to answer such questions as “How does the brain process an edit?”, “What makes a cut work?”, and “How does an effective edit engage a viewer’s imagination?” He will also discuss the relationship between time and editing, and the inherent romance and beauty of this mysterious art form.

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Feb 192014

Portland director Sean Delgatto is a regular at the Mid-Valley Video and we’re always entertained by his short films. The Kill Box, showing at Northern Lights Theatre Pub this Friday, February 21 at 6:00 p.m., follows a desperate victim trying to outwit a faceless stranger bent on revenge.

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Delgatto describes his gear:

“Shot it on A canon T2i and it performed amazingly, also used some of my 35mm lenses instead of the stock lens and got better low light performance and morefocus control. It worked wonderfully, and since it is light weight when you put it on a Jib it doesn’t wobble as much as the heavier cameras.”

Sean will be on-hand after the screening during the Q & A.

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Feb 172014

Director Alain Deymier has traveled the world making films that exhibit his rich background in photography. His newest feature-length film, “bluu” adds another satisfying entree to his visual feast. Set on Ibiza, the film follows Nat as she arrives on the island to reconnect with her childhood friend Sandra. They get caught up in a cult that beckons an apocalyptic end and decide to resist the spiritual leader and take matters into their own hands. The Spanish-language film is subtitled in English and follows six short films, 8:00 p.m., Friday, February 21 at Northern Lights Theatre Pub. $3 (21+)

Sinopsis / Synopsis

En un día de tormenta, Nat, una parisina excéntrica y desfasada, llega en barco a Ibiza, invitada por su amiga Sandra, una divina sacerdotisa. Rápidamente se encuentra metida en un grupo de iluminados, guiado hacia un final apocalíptico por un maestro espiritual deliciosamente peligroso. Frente a esta amenaza, las mujeres tomarán las riendas para salvar la isla, cueste lo que cueste.

On a stormy day, Nat, an extrovert woman from Paris arrives by boat on Ibiza, following an invitation from her childhood friend Sandra, a young dedicated esoteric. Very quickly, Nat will find herself surrounded by a group of spiritual seekers, shepherded by a charismatic yet sinister leader who will attempt to direct them towards an apocalyptic end. Realizing the true nature of his plans, Nat and Sandra will take matters into their own hands in order to save the island.

Biofilmografia / Biofilmography

ALAIN DEYMIER Nace en Francia. Vive y trabaja en España. Famoso fotógrafo, hace exposiciones por el mundo. Hace uno años se ha volcado en el cine y ha hecho varios cortometrajes en diferentes países: en China (Air, Birds, The Fan), en Uruguay (Teresa) y en Argentina y Uruguay (Les Rideaux Rouges) En 2011 ha producido y dirigido un documental sobre el coreógrafo español Nacho Duato. Bluu es su último trabajo: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4353668/

ALAIN DEYMIER Born in France. He lives and works in Spain. Reputed photographer, he has thrown many exhibition though out the World. Since a few years, he developed a deep interest for the cinema and firstly started directing and producing some short films: in China (Air, The Fan, Birds), in Uruguay (Teresa) and in Uruguay & Argentina (Les Rideaux Rouges) In 2011 he produced and directed present a documentary about the Spanish choreographer NACHO DUATO.

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Feb 152014


Back in the 1990s, biking advocated would gather every first Friday afternoon at the Golden Man for a group ride through downtown Salem. A localized version of Critical Mass, the routine eventually heightened awareness about biking and gained a police escort for the 20 or so bicyclists enjoying the streets. Joel Biel’s documentary, “Aftermass: Bicycling in a post-Critical Mass Portland”, investigates the influence of Critical Mass on alternative transportation policy in Portland. The film includes interviews with city employees, Mayor Charlie Hales, Bicycle Transport Alliance employees and Critical Mass participants. The film explains the history behind Critical Mass and dissects the motivations behind the various factions involved.

Since Salem was listed on Bicycling magazine’s “America’s Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities” at number 22, perhaps the Critical Mass events and subsequent Kidical Masses helped garner some much-needed attention to the city.


“Aftermass: Bicycling in a post-Critical Mass Portland” plays with “The Kill Box”, 6:00 p.m. Friday, February 21 during the 11th Mid-Valley Video Festival at Northern Lights Theatre Pub. Cost is $3 with no minors allowed. Filmmaker Joel Biel will be in attendance to answer questions after the film.

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Feb 132014

A podcast party and free editing workshop bookend local and international films at this year’s Mid-Valley Video Festival February 20-22 at three locations downtown.


Filmmaker and author Dustin Morrow conducts a free, hour-long workshop, “The Romance of Editing” , 3:00 p.m., Saturday, February 22 at CCTV Studio 1, 575 Trade St SE. Prof. Morrow explores the history and the psychology of editing, and seeks to answer such questions as “How does the brain process an edit?”, “What makes a cut work?”, and “How does an effective edit engage a viewer’s imagination?”  He will also discuss the relationship between time and editing, and the inherent romance and beauty of this mysterious art form.

Thursday night’s 9:00 p.m. video podcast party at ƒ/stop Fitzgerald’s screening room will feature local podcasters and their viewers.

Local and international films are on exhibit Friday night at Northern Lights Theatre Pub. The 6:00 p.m. Locals Only program ($3 21+) shows the documentary, “Aftermass: Bicycling in a Post-Critical Mass Portland”, directed by Joel Biel, Jeff Hayes, Alice Isley and Rev Phil Sano, from Portland, Oregon. The film explores the influence of Critical Mass bike rides on the current alternative transportation culture in Portland. Also included is Sean Delgatto’s “The Kill Box”, a short revenge thriller set in Portland and Hillsboro. Directors will be present for questions and answers after the viewing.

The 8:00 p.m. Spanish films program ($3 21+) showcases subtitled films from Spain, France and Argentina. These six short films and a feature set in Ibiza have won awards around the globe.
Full schedule

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Jan 032014

With the onslaught of new podcasters popping up around town, Salem’s only film festival offers a new category of competition: Podcasts! On Saturday, February 22, we’ll have a special screening of the most interesting programs from local podcasters. Here’s a chance to see what’s on the internet and meet the “doers” in a special celebration of DIY broadcasting. Just add that you’re entering a podcast on the submission form. The 11th Mid-Valley Video Festival happens February 20-22, 2014 at Northern Lights Theatre Pub and ƒ/stop Fitzgerald’s. Deadline for submissions is Friday, January 10, 2014.

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Feb 212013

Any annual event lasting ten years in Salem deserves a big party and today marks the kickoff of the 10th Mid-Valley Video Festival, a celebration of the local filmmakers. Tonight at f-stop Fitzgerald’s, CHEAP FUN starts at 9 pm upstairs in the screening room. Friday night, local auteur Tom Murphy provides a 10-yr retrospective of his films at Northern Lights Theatre Pub and Saturday features new work from Scott Hartmann, Joe Sherlock and a compendium of vintage films from the original festival in 2004.

All shows start around 9 pm. Admission is $3 at Northern Lights, free at f-stop. All shows 21+ only.

Here’s a nice article in the Statesman Journal. Thanks, Carlee Wright!


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Feb 172013

Salem’s oldest festival for local creatives celebrates 10 years of celebrating local filmmakers! This year we’re paying homage to directors that have stuck around town for the last decade to keep us entertained. A new feature, CHEAP FUN plays in the screening room at ƒ/stop Fitzgerald’s. Friday bring a retrospective of auteur Tom Murphy and Saturday features shorts form year one mixed with new entries form the same directors.
See you on the big screen!

The schedule for the 10TH ANNUAL MID-VALLEY VIDEO FESTIVAL is in!!!

* * * All screenings are for those 21 and older * * *

Location: ƒ/Stop Fitzgerald’s Public House – 335 Grove St. NE Salem Oregon 97301
Time: 9pm
Cost: Free

“CHEAP FUN” a full-length film by Writer/Director Zach Sutherland.

Location: Northern Lights Theater
Time: 9:15pm
Cost: $3

“The Exit” 2012 10 mins
“The Ass” 2005. 20 mins. “Some Guy Named Albert” 2007 20 mins “Holy Smokes!” 2010 10 mins”The Last Laugh” 2010 10 minsMiscellaneous Videos”Depression” 2006 2 mins PSA stlye comedy”No Class” 6 mins 2009 PSA stlye comedy”Fallesbios” 7 mins 2010 Mockumentary”Paranormal Plus” 30 sec 2010 Commercial”Noon @ Midnight” 4 mins 2007 Music Video

Location: Northern Lights Theater
Time: 9:00pm
Cost: $3

A brief look back at some older short films of year one of the MVVF, and some new items of definite interest from a new crop of writer/directors:
“Evol” – Music Video – Mad Anthony
“Hollywood Action Film” – Alan Winstone and Adi Mishra
“Looking For X” – Bill Kelley, Arthouse Productions
“What A Muffin You Got” – Ron Turner, Justice Productions
“Troll Products” – Wayne and Phil Sturgill
“Robin in the Hood” – Thomas Murphy
“The Evil Clergymen” – Bill Kelley, Arthouse Productions
“Odious” – Alan Winstone
“Mime Control” – Adrian Finchley, Allaboutme Productions
“Assassin” – Nat Cohn
“Bodies” – Music Video – Kirk Kindle and Slow Children
“Whodunnit” – Thomas Murphy
“Mascots” – Scott Hartman
“Keep Going” – Darren Holmquist, Dardrex Productions & Atom Phly Media
“Superstar” – Joe Sherlock
“The Popcorn of Doom” – Alan Winston

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Oct 082012

Has it really been 10 years since local filmmakers got together and started this quirky event? It seems like yesterday when the idea of an annual festival celebrating the passion of local auteurs was launched onto the screen. Now, after judging and screening hundreds of films from around the world every year, we’re opening the Call for Entries for the 10th annual Mid-Valley Video Festival, scheduled for February 21-23, 2013 at Northern Lights Theatre Pub and ƒ/stop Fitzgerald’s.

We’ve witnessed the growth of the filmmaking community and discovered great talent throughout the mid-valley. What we lack in budget, we more than make up for in creativity. Join us as we celebrate 10 years together as the authentic annual film festival in Salem.

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