Starting out with Java: From control structures through objects
Chapter 4
Programming Challenges
21. Dice game

Write a program that plays a simple dice game between the computer and the user. When the program runs, a loop should repeat
10 times. Each iteration of the loop should do the following:

• Generate a random integer in the range of 1 through 6. This is the value of the computer’s die.
• Generate another random integer in the range of 1 through 6. This is the value of the user’s die.
• The die with the highest value wins. (In case of a tie, there is no winner for that particular roll of the dice.)

As the loop iterates, the program should keep count of the number of times the computer wins, and the number of times that the user wins. After the loop performs all of its iterations, the program should display who was the grand winner, the computer or the user.

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