These are all the PlayStation startup screens from over the years!

What’s your favourite screen? Tell me in the comments below! My favourite personally is the PS2! Oh yeah 😛

Thanks for watching! Credit goes to all the YouTubers for the startup videos!

I’m planning on making a new startups video for all PlayStations. I forgot to add certain startups like the PSX startup and the PS1 fat menu (the one included in the video is from the slim) But before I make a video, I would ask if any of you are reading this description, if you have the following lying around, could you please make a video out of the startups?
PS2 loading PS1 europe game or japan game, need both
PS1 loading europe game or japan game, need both
PSX startup – Nevermind, found a hd startup video on youtube 🙂
A high quality PS Vita startup that isn’t recorded with a camera, same with a PSP startup

I’m still keeping this video by the way 🙂

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25 thoughts on “All PlayStation Startups PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, PS Vita, PS4

  1. What's your timeline?

    Mine is….

    Sega, super nintendo, nintendo 64, game cube, ps1, ps2, xbox360, xbox one… time to get a ps5.

  2. idk why but when he opened up the ps vita and i saw little big planet, i got hit with so much nostalgia. i remember waking up on my ps3 to go on adventures with my little sackboy. the game was so well made and formed a big part of my childhood. The online was amazing. I remember my favorite map being one where you were on a raft in the water and a shark would try to eat you. All the collecting stickers and stuff was so much fun. Decorating your pod was amazing. I just wish i could go back when that game was still relevant and play.

  3. Sony needs to bring back the ps2 start up every time my brother start up his ps2 so classic we used to play GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City stories and other og games

  4. I was raised on Xbox playing Halo but my god,
    Sony is so fucking slick, ever since I played last of us on ps3 I've never looked back

  5. The PS1 startup is my favorite, hands down. I remember when it came out after playing on genesis and SNES for years… My mind was absolutely BLOWN by the technology. Hell, the graphics of it still look good to me..

  6. Damn hearing that PSP intro and game launch sound brings tears to my eyes.. Life was simple back then as a high school kid.

  7. I am now convinced that the Ps Vita failed because it was the only system to not include startup music

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