Chuchel is here to bring you cuteness and make you question reality! This cute little fluff-ball is here to take you on an adorable adventure!!
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32 thoughts on “CUTEST GAME EVER!! | Chuchel

  1. Marks reactions are cuter than the game! Like just listen to how happy he is when something semi-reasonable happens!

  2. Mark: how did a fried egg come out of an egg? This doesn’t make sense. Everything else: am I a JOKE to you?! Edit: and this part. 1:00:45

  3. Well it is a good game but you will finish it on one day Bc I played it like today and I finished it ON ONE DAY ->-

  4. I love how mark thinks the guy in the beginning is drinking water even tho its definitely beer or something like that

  5. Okay y’all are gonna think I’m really fucking creepy but I like to fall asleep to mark’s videos like I will intentionally play a happy video like this in the background and just fall asleep to his voice. Only his voice puts me to sleep

  6. Who else noticed on the space invaders when the black one came mark was on point with talking and it looked like the black thing was talking 😂

  7. Chuchel and the pink rat dude kinda give me the same vibes as invader zim and gir. Just an angry screamy dude with plans that make no sense and a chill little weirdo that just wants to breakdance and is fine being a part of the other's weird schemes.

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