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41 thoughts on “"Dating Game" | CreepyPasta Storytime

  1. this one was disturbing but I still liked the story but it did make me sick to my stomach listening too my theory that the woman is a succubus

  2. The end of the story is kind of hard to believe. Hell, the very sight of someone resembling his wife might bring a panic attack idk. All I know is he wouldn’t date someone who looked like that anymore

  3. Is it me, or does the girl in this story sound a lot like Jane? I mean, dark hair, tight black dress, all we need are the pitch black eyes and we have confirmation!

  4. Damn I was kinda heart broken by this one, and I actually wasn't expecting that twist of her not being a human, that was nuts

  5. Clearly this man never heard the tale of Bluebeard. If your spouse forbids you to enter a specific room in your house, you stay the fuck out. Period.

  6. Watched this video back when it was a year or two old got a little paranoid for a week idk why i was a wuss back then

  7. Dude this one is pretty weak but I remember watching this when it was first posted and oh man the nostalgia

  8. Two runny eggs nailed to a wall 💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. She bent over to take her shots! Ha ha ha…🤢 No wonder you were single!😰 You deserved what you got, pervert!🤢 Angels?!😱 You wish!😰🤢

  10. 3:12 DUMB ONES!🤔 YOU'RE THE DUMB ONE WITH 2 RUNNY EGGS IN YOUR PANTS!😡 I'm 45, single, I'm a tutor with my own condo, flat and vehicle. I live alone with a cat and I'm DAMN HAPPY!🤷 I know what you're thinking, that's what hands are for.🤔 Plus, it only takes 2 minutes, minus a sweaty walrus on me!🤢

  11. I have listened to a lot of creepy pastas and this by far is the WORST ONE YET. and yet I had to keep listening to find out WTF??? Love Ya Mr.CreepyPasta BUT I really Hate this one. Sooo I suppose then one of the best then.

  12. Dude ended up dating another girl EXACTLY like his ex who tried to kill him….. not bad creepypasta. Not bad.

  13. Damn. Poor bastard. The one time he fell in love and she's a demonic psycho. I'd never date again if I were him. Too bad the protagonists in CreepyPastas never learn.

  14. Ah yes, a classic. The first creepy pasta I ever listened to. I remember this creeping the hell out of me the first time I heard this story.

  15. Also, it would have been a way better ending if he turned on her and he too was a serial killer. That could have opened up a door to a series!

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