Phoenix was an awesome space shooter, party because it dealt with a variety of evil space birds, rather than ships, but also because of a lot of variety and cool animation effects put into the game. This Co Co clone called Demon Seed did a really good job capturing the essence of an arcade masterpiece! Enjoy!
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2 thoughts on “Demon Seed – 1983 – TRS-80 Color Computer Game

  1. Thanks for posting this. I played Demond Seed waaaay back in the day, on my father's Sanyo computer. The game was IMPOSSIBLE

  2. "Walter D. Plants" is just a bad pun… nothing to do with the author's names. Also of note – on waves 1 and 3 you get 2 bullets on screen at once, and on waves 2 and 4 you only get 1 bullet at a time. And the shields – push up on the joystick. Also – you may have to try it again, so that you can show the mothership (wave 5). 🙂

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