Eragon (the videogame) walkthrough gameplay.
0:00:00 Level 1 The Spine Mountains
0:05:47 Level 2 Carvahall
0:13:54 Level 3 Daret Docks
0:27:58 Level 4 Daret Town
0:46:48 Level 5 Daret Bridge
1:02:51 Level 6 Ra’zac Chase
1:11:50 Level 7 Trapped!
1:16:59 Level 8 Gil’ead City
1:29:28 Level 9 Gil’ead Keep
1:40:40 Level 10 Durza’s Fortress
2:14:24 Level 11 The Beor Mountains
2:24:01 Level 12 Urgal Encampment
2:34:10 Level 13 Misty Gorge
2:47:07 Level 14 Urgal Attack!
2:54:08 Level 15 Defend the Varden
3:13:10 Level 16 Final Battle


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24 thoughts on “Eragon walkthrough【FULL GAME】| Longplay

  1. 3 levels and like 20% of this game is in Daret XD Did they just loose all their enthusiasm after making that part?

  2. and also there is no telekinesis magic there is only the anchint language, to push something would cost you the same amount of energy with or without magic, read the books

  3. and also eragons first spell is Brisingr (fire, which he uses to shoot a flaming arrow) not thrsta (stop)

  4. got some of it wrong the ra'zac were not durza's servants but they served the same lord, so one could say they were colleagues

  5. God's above and below they even screwed up with the game. Those of you who have read the books know what I am talking about.

  6. Can someone help me find a game where you could switch between a guy and a girl during the game? It had a dragon as a companion you could only call outside and assume its body. You were glad in armour. There were orcs and it was a pretty scary game.

  7. I remember button mashing my way through this game. Thanks for the playthrough, dude, brings back a lot of memories.

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