First look at F1 2020.. I’ll be posting a couple more videos the next few days, be on the lookout!
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Thank you for watching! 😎

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31 thoughts on “F1 2020 Gameplay – Part 1 – First Race in Hanoi, Vietnam!

  1. When is going to be a multiplayer points system ? I want to play fair races and play with people with my similar skill. Another year with horrible multiplayer sessions… Please do something with multiplayer rating or something !!!!! Thank you.

  2. Was it just me or were my fellow Vietnamese f1 fans also happy when they heard that there was a new track at Hanoi

  3. Just a lil bit of constructive criticism
    When u are exiting corners ease into the glass a lil more to maintain better traction

  4. Tmartn2 just a little tip with your driving you know how you are turning hard and it doesn't turn that sharp there is a setting that's called driver assist if you turn it off you will have full control

  5. You can set the steering lock to 360 degrees, it would be much better for you than turning the wheel the whole way like that xD

  6. Hey trev if you want to be better in steering in f1 maybe change your seat backwards or if the corner goes left get your left hand of the wheel and the other way around💪💪

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