hhhhHHHHMMMMmmmmm… FUNNY JOKE!!! (Seizure warning)

Audio Source from Super Mario Maker: Yoda Jokes – PART 17 – Game Grumps

I’ve scratching this animation for the last months with a little bit of inconsistency since the video I made of Laura, and is finally done. I was pretty much inspired by those classic Yoda Animations I remembered watching years ago from Vega and other animators, By the time I wasn’t an Animator at all, so I wanted to give it a try and make this version of it.

Lately watching the 10 minute power hour helped me a lot to picture better Arin and Dan Faces and catch their expressions a little bit better for the kind of drawings I intended for this video.

This is my last video for this Year, next year I’ll try new things in terms of Animation and character style to make it a little bit easier for me to animate, since I’ve drawing a lot complex faces and is hard to animate them properly so maybe a different style of characters can be easier to make, and since I have more experience and knowlegde about animation… kinda, I can maybe pull out more framing and movement for future animations.

Anyway, Thanks for watching! see you soon.

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32 thoughts on “Game Grumps Animated – Yoda's Funny Joke

  1. It’s not even the actual joke that makes you laugh, it’s when he says “MMMMMMMMM, FUUUUNNYYYYYYYYY joke

  2. Yoda: You better not LEIA finger on her!
    Me:😂😂😂….I – I can't stop laughing, it's – it's just to funny!😂

  3. You know, this video kind of changed the way I live my life. The expressions in this video coupled with Yoda's voice just…..made me want to try it. The voice, I mean. I kind of just grew a habit of doing game grumps voices, and I now have over 10 voices I can call at my command, whether from the grumps themselves, or from something else. And it all started with this video. I can go into more detail, but for the sake of this just being a comment, I'll just say this: Thanks for making this, man. 😁

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