A few basic tricks and tips that will improve your gameplay. If you want more advanced ones, let me know! 🙂 Also, thank you guys for over 10,000 channel views! ♥

Check out some advanced tips and tricks here:

Highlights from the video:

1.) Bombs take 4 seconds to explode.
2.) Try to get most powerups before doing much fighting.
3.) Space out where you place your bombs, it usually works better
than spamming.
4.) How to block batted bombs.
5.) Rapid explosion technique.
6.) Kicking bombs into explosions.
7.) Disease boxes.
8.) Play football.
9.) Don’t stand still.



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9 thoughts on “Game of Bombs- Tips and Tricks

  1. can you make a video about how to rank up faster ( I'm a 2 star but it feels like its impossible to rank up.)
    Nice video BTW I was on a gold medal streak a lot of times because of the tips!

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