Played by Tsunao

RPG by Konami based on the Japanese series.

Kinda after the Battle City arc…or something, follow Yugi and friends as they go into a game that is a virtual world.

Gameplay is pretty simple: move your group of monsters to a base to take it over and/or engage the enemy. Battles are turn-based, where each monster have a certain amount of moves. Leveling up will increase overall stats and may add an ability.

This longplay plays through all three campaigns from a clean file, starting with Yugi first, then Kaiba, then Joey. For Kaiba’s campaign, I cheese it by spamming Dark Burning Attack, Triangle Escatasy Attack, and a few Obelisk shenanigans as well. There isn’t much cheesing in Joey’s story. I also get all the monsters that are available on the first go around. I do try to switch up some monster formations here and there. Low level monsters aren’t easy to level. There’s also some fusions going on. Only ones not shown are Gaia the Dragon Champion and Thousand Dragon. Cosmos Queen is a fusion monster as well. Enemy getting the advantage, as usual.

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45 thoughts on “GameCube Longplay [010] Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Falsebound Kingdom (part 01 of 10)

  1. At first the player can choose between two storylines, for Yugi Muto and Seto Kaiba, but later the player can get one for Joey Wheeler as well. The Yugi storyline involves Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Tea and Bakura being invited to the testing of the virtual reality game "Kingdom," created by company SIC. When they enter the game they soon find themselves trapped within it, and they must summon the help of the game's characters and monsters in order to defeat the game's villain, Emperor Heishin, and ultimately stop the plans of the game's designer, Scott Irvine, to control the three Egyptian God cards. Along the way, the players faces Joey, Tea, and Yami Bakura.

  2. Who else hopes we can get this on the Nintendo Switch? I seriously miss playing this game. Top best 3 yuigoh games ever (Capsule monsters Coliseum being 1st & Duelist of the Roses 3rd) :D. Can all us Yuigoh Falsebound Kingdom fans make a petition for this game to be on Switch plz

  3. I would love to play this game more often, if the battles weren’t so slow. Christ it takes about an hour to finish each level, assuming you’re not using a team of tanks and raigeki or God Cards every fight.

  4. Also, and I am sure I will find this our throughout the video since it is 3 hours long (thank you for that by the way) but I understand the benefits of your monsters levelling up (increased stats, health, more stars so they can attack more, maybe a special ability unlocked) but what are the benefits of the main character levelling up? All they get is Exp and I thought, "Oh maybe every 10 levels something happens." Nope, Pharoh turned 10 and he didnt get any additional perks so what is the point?

  5. I didnt realize that there was more hidden creatures or, "ambushes" on levels other than levels than the first one. I guess I should have known since there are a lot creatures in the selection menu.
    I guess my little 10 year old self was like, "okay, i have an objective. That is all I am worried about."

  6. This game might have had a slow as hell pace but it was still amazing playing through it as a kid and finding all of the roaming monsters and everything of the sort.

  7. You guys will call me stupid for this but i love looking at the cars and just admiring there designs to be honest i know am a weirdo but what can i do idk how to play the game much i collect the cards and put them on protectors so i can sometimes play with a friend and get my ass kick

  8. I loved this game. Did my best to get all the monsters, but eventually it just got boring beating the same monsters over and over.

  9. I've got to play this game again.  I remember playing this when I was in middle school 10 years ago.  Ah, the memories when Yu Gi Oh was bigger than it is now.  Time to dust off that Gamecube!

  10. My favorite game, I beat it on three different files for sure from Yugi to Joey and more just partial plays from Kaiba to Joey..

  11. Oh god this game <3, I remember spending so much time on this and several other gamecube games back in my high school days.  Ahhhh those were the days

  12. i have this game as an emulator on my mac so i've played it literally a thousand times… to the point my monsters actually do 800 damage on their attacks because of the marshall upgrades and all my monsters are level 99 from naturally playing the game… it's still really fun haha

  13. OK so i'm watching this and playing the voices in my head for each character and i was doing good with yugi and joey but then they got to tristen and the other and now yugioh abridged voices started to play in my head

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