Hey if you weren’t aware, we do a whole bunch of videos on the site that are exclusively available to Premium subscribers! We’re going to be unlocking a few of them on YouTube while our current sale is going on.

Check them out and if you’d like to know more, we have free trials:

And a Premium sale going on now (until 5/23):

And there’s plenty more Breaking Brad on the site if you want to check out more:

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21 thoughts on “GB Premium Unlock: Breaking Brad: Super Mario Bros.

  1. I feel like brad falls off too many ledges into bad situations. Jumping off tends to give you more control on your landings. Also if you’re playing straight through coins and lives are the priority, not killing enemies, and protect your fire Mario at all costs, spamming fire makes things much easier

  2. Some amazing PRO MOVES going on around 1:50:30 when Brad makes it to 7-2 with the fire flower. It's like he was intentionally trying to get hit.

  3. SMB is not 256k. Jeff was the closest, the game program is 32kb, with an additional 8kb for graphics. Whoever wrote that list Ben is reading thought that NROM 256 means the game is 256k, which isn't true

  4. So I slowed the video down to 0.25 as soon as the mushroom pick up fact was dropped. My eyes have been opened.

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