Homesick is a first person puzzle / exploration game. You play as a man that has no memory of who he is or where he is.

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45 thoughts on “Homesick – Full Playthrough, Indie Puzzle / Exploration Game (Gameplay / Walkthrough)

  1. I agree adoption is a great thing when I get older I’m planning to adopt a child to ☺️

  2. That's so interesting: Instead of blinding darkness as is usual in games that want to hinder you, this game uses too much light for the player to be able to see anything. What a sweet twist

  3. I'm adopted, so it was nice to hear your views on it Kravin. 🙂 I think this is def one of the better games you've ever played lol

  4. As a chemical engineer, I feel exactly the point of this game. This game is brilliant, probably the best game I've ever seen, apart from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

  5. I was sad when this was over! ugh the music alone gave me goosebumps. I'm a new sub and I've been binge watching you…man that sounds so much creepier out loud! 😂😂! you play some really great games I don't see anywhere else. so thank you!!!

  6. I'm just now seeing this game and I can definitely see that it's a warning about climate change and how it will destroy a lot of the planet. However, I noticed a twist. Instead of just going "OMG OIL COMPANIES BAD!" it showed that even the "Environmental Organizations" can also be bad by the way that these listed took settlements and went quiet instead of going public about it and how these lawyers jumped on it for the money and these combinations ended up destroying at least this region. We don't know if the whole world is like this, but this part of the world is at least. Is it Chernobyl? Most likely.

    Though I also think this took place in the past back in the 1940's or so when environmental things were really kept under wraps. It mentioned preventing workers from unionizing, so perhaps this took place when the Unions were just now coming underway.

    The ending is obviously your character has fallen into a coma finally and has died and is now free from the pain of the mutations. It also showed hope that the laws did finally require posting of the health effects to the public and if this was set in the past, it probably paved the way to the environmental laws we have set forth today.

  7. You play as a caretaker of an abandoned building, and your goal is to
    figure out who and where you are. You’ll solve puzzles to unlock new
    areas of the building as you try and figure out what’s going on. As if
    the loneliness and focus on puzzle-solving weren’t enough, you’re also
    plagued by recurring nightmares.

  8. I never managed to find the R or Z blocks and your vid didn't show you getting them – not that they were essential tbh.
    Great vid though – thanks very much for reminding me how cool this game was 🙂

  9. This game is on sale on steam FINALLY and I came here to see a few minutes of the game to see if the game was something I wanted to spend my money on and ended up subscribing. I'm glad I found this channel. So good and you have a great voice to listen to.
    If you ever decided to read random creepypastas as well as play horror games it would be amazing. Listening to you speak is so nice.

  10. hi everybody, there is a new indie strategy game different than all others that you've seen, take a look:


  11. I like that they made the piano puzzle solvable for anyone who actually knows how to read music. It's cool to see a legitimate musical puzzle in a video game, as simple as it may have been.

  12. This game is by far one of my favorites. It's so relaxing and beautiful, and the music is fantastic. Yet it's so heartbreaking at the end.

  13. Damn, I didn't realize in my playthrough that the blocks allowed you to automatically translate the text. Wasted about an hour figuring all the letters out by staring at the notes.

  14. Great job! Stunning graphics and musical score. I loved you going back and reading the notes. . . . . really adds a huge depth and dimension that makes it touching.

  15. These kinds of games are the most incredible things. I love the themes and I love how they make me feel. I think that games are one of the most powerful art forms due to their ability to completely immerse a player

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