BE A SPACE NINJA! Warframe Gameplay and Funny Moments TRY WARFRAME! –

I really enjoyed the game so definitely give it a shot. Thanks to Digital Extremes for Sponsoring this video!


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40 thoughts on “HOW TO BE A SPACE NINJA! | Warframe

  1. He’s at least mastery rank 10, bc he has the Shaku, and the Grakatas, but if he’s got that much stuff, how does he not know what a sentinel is, I’m not trying to hate, but I’m questioning whether or not he’s just borrowing an account

  2. i know this was 4 years ago but id love to play Warframe with the Bloody Legend that is LazarBeam

  3. hey you still playing warframe?xD i just see this vid today i know its a bit late but you still need help?xD

  4. I didnt know he played this but he should have played maybe roblox for this video instead because the people in this game are a very mean sometimes

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