Game carts are becoming a valuable and important piece of a hunter’s equipment. Carts come in handy as they are lightweight yet assist in carrying as much as a couple hundred pounds of harvested game or equipment. They do less damage to the land than an atv and of course are much quieter and compact. Many carts may breach the $100 barrier but here is a simple do-it-yourself design that you can build in less than 30 minutes and for the cost of-or less than-a good deer drag.
Items needed are a 10 foot section of ¾ inch conduit, a 6 foot section of ½ inch conduit, a small rectangular wire fence piece (approx 3 ft x 4 ft), 2 bicycle style wheels, and tie straps. The conduit will run around $6, the fence you can often pick up as scrap, the bicycle wheels can be purchased used for around $5 or new for $20, and the tie straps you can pick up at most dollar stores.
First you bend the ¾ inch conduit into a rectangular shape to make the outside frame of the cart with a portion (about 3 feet) sticking out on one corner. You then bend that portion upward at about 30 to 45 degrees. This portion will become the handle.
Then lay the wire fence partition on the frame and secure with the tie straps. If you have some over hang on the fence, you can bend it around the frame as well.
Then take the ½ inch conduit and place it about 2/3 to ¾ of the way toward the rear of the cart. This will make the axle for the wheels and supply additional stability underneath the wire fence. The reason you place it further back is so when you lift the cart by the handle the rear will not drag the ground. You can secure the axle by overlapping 2 tie straps on each side of the frame.
Place the wheels into each end of the ½ conduit axle.
Now you are ready to roll!
The cart can easily be converted from a hand pulled cart to a bicycle or even four wheeler attachable cart as well.
I tested the cart with 150 pounds without any buckling, and this particular one was made for less than $8.

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10 thoughts on “How to Build an inexpensive Game Cart

  1. Maybe using a recycled galvanized fence gate would be easier. The platform is already built. Would need two tires, axle and fence post handle. I may build one.

  2. That bending tool is just smashing! What's it called? I only know these plier-like benders, flexible springs (for copper piping) or hydraulic benders. I wonder if your lever model is available in Europe.

  3. I made my deer cart out of conduit. The stuff looks flimsy but is very strong once bent and bolted together. I made mine to attach to a bicycle or to be hauled by hand. Works great.

    The problem with this guy's cart is the handle design. The bend in it is only going to get worse once the weight of a deer is on it, and it will probably break. Not braced well enough.

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