PS2 To Usb Keyboard

USB to PS2 Converter Cable Connect for Keyboard Mouse:

How to convert keyboard PS2 to USB

In this video I will show you How To Convert PS2 Keyboard To USB Keyboard..[PS2 To USB]..Simple Process…Easy Way..We can easily convert any ps2 keyboard to usb keyboard at home and use them without any ps2 to usb converter…The simple process for ps2 to usb…So friends if you want to know how to convert ps2 keyboard to usb keyboard at your home then watch the video and follow my instruction and ps2 keyboard to usb wiring diagram properly to make a usb keyboard to ps2 keyboard at your home….Thanks….

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36 thoughts on “How to convert keyboard PS2 to USB (100% working) [2018]

  1. Bhai…mere keyboard m orange,blue,green,white wire h…and usb cable m red,blue,green,black wire h…kaise join karu??…

  2. Muito obrigado !!!
    Sem uma palavra se quer, conseguiu resolver o meu problema.
    Muito obrigado ! Muito obrigado !!

  3. Why not use the same colour when changing from PS2 to usb, I change my PS2 to usb by soldering in the same colour position, but it didn't work

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