How to Download and install PS2 PKG Games on PS3 HEN/CFW
How to Download and install PKG Games in 2020 easy method work100%in2020
How to install large PKG games over 4GB with NTFS Drive
Best way how to install large PS2/PS3 PKG games in 2020
How to Get PKG Games in 2020
How to Download and install PKG games easy method

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46 thoughts on “How To Download an Install (PS2/PS3 PKG Games) Easy Method | CFW/HEN Work100% in2020

  1. Hi, you said we dont have to go through the installing of pkg files if we used fat32 instead of ntfs..

    What should i do different to your instructions?

  2. is it normal that the game that i downloaded doesnt have any ps3 update folder? its just the ps3_game and the ps3_disc.sfb

  3. hello when i go to download a games i get this messaage pop up
    Error 522 Ray ID: 5a1c362b58d7077a • 2020-06-11 15:02:41 UTC

    Connection timed out

  4. When i go to open the usb in multiman it recognises it and starts loadin however doesn’t any idea or fix?

  5. I'm using the same website but the games I want (Tron evolution) don't have the PKG and rap links. I tried using the mega and Google links but they keep redirecting me to ads or saying I need to install an extension which I don't trust. Can anyone help me out

  6. Bro i did everything you said…. Installed the game successfully but its not starting it shows
    Error to start the game (code-80029513)
    Then shows the suggested actions…

    Help plz broo

  7. Bro I swear to God I watched like 200 videos to try downloading games on my ps3 and u my nigga helped me sort my shit hats off to u my boiii

  8. So im using hen 4.86 and i did everything to install the games and the rap file wasnt showing in psn downloads and the game needed license so i downloaded reactpsn and did everything i should and still the same issue … what should i do

  9. @Piney Q, I want to download fifa 19 for ps3hen on the downloadgamesps3 site…so, what download do I choose, BLES or BLUS or NPUB?

  10. @Piney Q, my ps3hen doesn't want to enable, it keeps saying "failed rebooting", what should I do? Help pls.

  11. boss,i did everything NFTS no Fat 32.Scan connected usb done successfuly but at the time of multiman mode system hang.Please advise.

  12. Hi bro. I am your new subscriber.
    I installed gta 5 mod on my HEN and it got successfully installed but my the game has started all over again. How can I retrieve my save file? Please help

  13. Why when i start the ps2 Pkg game. "Copyright Protection Information is not valid" note appear and i couldn't play the game ?

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