In this video, we will learn how to Setup Proteus Professional 9 Open source official trial version which is available on its official website. This video is for engineering students who want to learn proteus.

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Earlier the name of my channel was ” ElectroComBot ” but I recently changed the name to Udta engineer as it perfectly matches the theme of my channel.

This channel is all about exploring the fundamentals of engineering and simultaneously enhancing the living experience by making travel-related videos. I always feel that going for a trip is always better than reading 100 books as it provides a completely different horizon and way of living which can never be grasped from books.

In this channel, you can find videos related to engineering where I have tried to simplify the concepts and if you get bored after studying then you can switch to travel-related videos to refresh yourself.

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8 thoughts on “How to Download and install Proteus Professional 8 , Circuit Simulation, PCB

  1. I made project in Proteus 8 demonstration version . I am unable to save it . It shows saving disabled in demonstration version . Anybody please help

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