Updated 2017 Tutorial!


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26 thoughts on “How to Edit Photoshop Templates PSD.

  1. wth- I bought the real one like 1 minute ago and just searched for tutuorials to make a psd file but found this ;-;

  2. Omg I love you, I was trying for so long to open psd files because when I opened it, it redirected me to photoshop but nothing ever happened, but it actually works now <3

  3. Hey there, I know this comment is kinda late. You said you´re gonna link a way to get Photoshop CS6. Cant find it in the description!

  4. Thanks! I wasted hours trying to just figure it out on my own, your video was so helpful and saved me more time in the future!

  5. My recent places file isn't there what can I do? I download a template and I go to the folder in ps and it's not there. Please help me!

  6. i know this vid is old but im still kinda a rookie Skopez and i see u got something close to 900subs so congratz i got 1400 not showing off but would you like to work together or something it seems your good at edting vids or pictures i work in a clan trying to get big in the medium area just until we get what we want sorted (((( and btw how do i put this template over my videos

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