Proteus 8.9 software has problem of crashing whenever it is cracked. In this video I will show how to install proteus 8.9 professional software and then guide step by step to fix crash problem. All the instructions are given in verbal and written forms.The software is finally tested and checked to verify the problem of crashing doesn’t exist anymore.
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29 thoughts on “How to Fix Proteus 8.9 Crashing and Install Proteus with full Crack 100% Working

  1. hello sir i done all the things but problem is that when i simulater vsm debbugged come and i click yes then these two error comes 1.Must specify file extension for PROGRAM property.

    2. Real Time Simulation failed to start.
    please help

  2. I have downloaded this version . But unable to create design as it shows this version is not suitable for production . Please help

  3. Hello sir,
    I follow step by step, but when i open the application "cannot locate the default template file 'DEFAULT.DTF' please check the path configuration". Can you help me?

  4. Thank you so much…. And I have doubts do visual designer is also getting installed or we need install separately… Please help me out

  5. Good thanks a lot if the problem continues disable anti virus and copy files the same way and injoy

  6. hi followed all the steps but i dont have any Labcenter folder in Program file in which to paste the last files u mentioned in ur video

  7. I have downloaded the zip file and extract it but it does not have 86 or either program file only three files are present crack folder, setup and crack zip file and no other file so how to copy rest of file

  8. Brother thanks for sharing this video. With the help of this video I resolved the issue of "Proteus Crashing" but I am facing another problem. Whenever I am using "DHT11" device for simulation, it works well but once I close the Proteus and reopen the Proteus, I need to again reload the .hex file in Microcontroller. This is a repeated problem every time I will reopen the Proteus for the same program I have to reload the .hex file. As once we switch off the Proteus it automatically takes .hex file from "C:UsersHPAppDataLocalTempVSM Studioc7fa832db229444e91989bdd5f9d2727AT89C51DebugDebug.OMF" . Also, the EEPROM program is not working in this version which was running in version 8.1 and 8.6. Kindly guide for its solution.

  9. Hello, when i start the Simulation i get error Simulation is not running in real time due to excessive CPU load.
    and simulation hangs. please advice

  10. Hi there Sir, by the time I'm trying to install the license file seems to be "expired", it says something like expires 01/01/2020, so my question is, does this mean I'll not be able to use the software in its prope way?, and if so how can I fix this problem?, thanks heaps

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