This video will show you how to install PKG format games to your console. You can follow this method if you have a Playstation 4 console with firmware 4.05 only.

Just connect your console to the internet, run the homebrew enabler and the update blocker and then you can install and run the games easily.

Follow this simple guide and enjoy the video.


0:23 Intro
0:55 Setup internet connection
1:12 Open the Internet Browser
1:51 Open the URL sthetix.info/ps4
2:38 Prepare PKG games on external harddrive
2:57 Open Debug Settings, then install the games
3:35 Run the game
4:09 System update blocked by payload


Flower Pose – Martin Veida


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28 thoughts on “How to install and run PS4 PKG game format on firmware 4.05

  1. Can you do this & still use the multiplayer gamez? Id like to get call of duty and play online. Idk if a DVD writer would work on a game/Disc I already own. Have you ever heard of anyone burning or rewriting the data for games before. I love multiplayer first person shooter games

  2. hi , i hacked my console but i cant find package game for install in my console , please suggest me a web site for download pkg file ( pkg game hacked ) for download and install it .

  3. i have ps4 game.pkg and i extract its file by ps4pkg viewer but i accidently delete the game.pkg but i still have the extracted files so can i need a program to repack this files to game.pkg again

  4. i have the 5.05 jailbreak and i want to aks if its possible to put simple the pkgs on an external hdd and plug it in the ps4 and install it via debug settings package installer?

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