Utilizing Extended Storage on firmware 5.05 is now possible! Prior to this if you attempted to install any FPKG or copy any to a USB drive using the PS4 itself it would result in an error. This is where App2USB was helpful, however with this there is now no longer a need to utilize App2USB. Not only is this utilizing a native feature of the PS4’s firmware, but this also avoids the need to do a double install so to speak. App2USB requires you to install the game to internal storage, then run the payload to move the install applications to your external drive. This works just like any normal PS4 by allowing you to hook up your drive, initialize it for your PS4, set it as the default install destination, and let you install or move applications to it all within the console’s menus. The major requirement here aside from drive limitations and having a Jailbroken PS4 is making sure you use at least HEN 1.7! Any HEN release from xvortex lower than 1.7 does NOT have this functionality. In addition to that, be warned that this will completely format the drive you use for exclusive use with PS4 consoles. This is not a variant of FAT32 or exFAT, so you cannot transfer files to and from this drive anymore by hooking it up to a PC. Keep this in mind and make sure the drive you use is one you only want to use on your PS4!

If your PlayStation 4 is on any firmware higher than 5.05, you cannot utilize this tutorial. Downgrading a console is not possible either, so you must wait for an updated exploit to come out or purchase a second console on a low enough firmware. Links to hardware utilized here, additional PS4 Jailbreak tutorials, and potential auctions on compatible consoles can be found a few lines down in this description!


This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.


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How to Jailbreak Your PS4 on Firmware 5.05 or Lower!

How to Backup & Install PS4 Games on a Jailbroken PS4:

How to Install PS2 Games on a Jailbroken PS4:

Al-Azif’s ps4-exploit-host:

xvortex’s HEN:


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30 thoughts on “How to Install Games to USB on a Jailbroken PS4 | Extended Storage on 5.05

  1. A question, as you said one cannot use the external hdd for copying or installing once the ps4 formats the hdd to it's native format & will be only compatible with the ps4. But we can format the external hdd with pc if we no longer want to use it with ps4 and wan to use as normal external hdd for copying stuff and installing fpkg's on ps4?

  2. I have a jailbroken ps4 pro I can only play games on internal hdd and unable to play directly from external hdd.can only store games on external hdd.have to always transfer games to play on internal hdd.when trying to playing through external hdd ps4 show error unplayable.PLZ HELP

  3. i have hard drive its possible to install the game on hard drive and then remove the account will the game go to my hard drive and play it without the account which i installed from ?

  4. okay can someone help me , so i know i cant downgrade my verson of ps4 software but can i maybe take out the drive out of ps4 and delete everything from it and install the older software that i can do jailbreak on, its seems logical to me that i should be able to do that.

  5. My only problem is that I install games but they won't appear on the menu I searched for games on the library and notifications but its not there and it says application cannot be found

  6. Fast forward a year. I have 5.05. However Hen has been updated past 1.7. Now with any of my 3.0 ext hdd over 250g. Plug em in and ps4 pops a notification saying must update to be able to use as extended storage. I wondered if hen 1.8 or higher doesn't have this but that makes no sense to get rid of this in an update. I see videos where they just plug up their hdd, format it, then run hen, then go to installer. I can't get the 1st part done as it keeps saying update. I like app2usb but here is the reason I don't wanna use app2usb anymore. Ps4 a week ago bugged out and reset. Had to reinstall 5.05 firmware and factory reset. I figured the ps4 exploit, or any of the exploits especially app2usb would find all the games on my ext hdd. It does not! I had to take all pkgs out and reinstall to ps4 hdd, then app2usb again, to backup to ext hdd…again. so annoying and tedious. I figured since app2usb put all those on there that it could find them and use them. It's taking me 7 days to get back to where I was before the reset. I am now revisiting why can't I use my 2tb like this video!? An update. Also I am pretty tech savvy and always have figured all this out by myself with trial and error. I notice many people that know how to do more then me never ever answer any questions. A few popular people on y.t. has videos but not enough info so all comments are questions..which never get answered. I never see anyone ever helping or answering questions.

  7. Help in the beginning I used apptousb then moved all games to hard drive but mine only show 1drive as internal and external how do I fix this thanks

  8. I have a question let’s say that i have a 1tb extended storage and i want to copy it to a 2tb extended storage can i do that?

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