An in-depth walkthrough of converting a Nintendo DS Lite into an unofficial Gameboy “Macro”! I think I covered everything in about as much detail as I can!

Even better, I got a new microphone to use during the recording, so that I didn’t have to redub the audio after the fact. Hopefully, the end result is a bit better than the previous video!

*Additional Info* – Something I touched on in the video, but completely forgot to actually explain, was the specific resistor used in the video. In order to properly “trick” the DS Lite into thinking that the top LCD is connected, you need to use a 330 Ohm resistor (in my case, it was a 331, but close enough for tolerance purposes). I used an 0805 SMD resistor. The 0805 means that its dimensions are .08in x .05in, or 2mm x 1.3mm. It’s the perfect size to fit between the two test points on the board.

If you’re not comfortable working with such small SMD resistors, you can certainly use a traditional through-hole resistor as well. But, rather than soldering it through a hole, you’ll cut the leads to length and bend them, such that they stick a bit out to the top and left of the test points.

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35 thoughts on “How to Make a Gameboy Macro from a DS Lite

  1. Hey, everyone! Thanks for checking out this video.

    I wanted to throw a few links in the comment here and direct your attention to a few newer Macro videos of mine that might be worth checking out, if you want to continue building out your awesome Gameboy Macro. Please take a look at the following links if you're interested:

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    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The only DS game that's compatible with the Game Boy macro is Mario Kart DS, just look at the bottom screen when you race.

  3. Hi, i have a question: (i know i'm too late but maybe there's someone who is still watching this in 2020 like me…) does it work without the speaker? I don't want to remove the slot 1 for DS games and i was asking if it's possible

  4. You're stripping the DS Lite of it's N64-like game capabilities and leaving it only with it's GBA games. 🙁

  5. This may sound like a dumb question, but I have some odd ball ohm resistors, and I dont specifically have a 330 ohm, could I use something like a 1k resistor?

  6. I threw my old ds lite around when I got mad years ago and it worked when I shook it but eventually it stopped ythink it could be turned into this?

  7. 54:43 if my ds didn't turn on, does that mean I did it wrong? I tried plugging it in instead because the battery might have been dead and it still didn't turn on

  8. I love how this guy just tears apart perfectly good DS Lites and rips off the top. Boom. Gameboy Advance.

  9. I just made 2 of these the other day and I notice I am getting the quick flash of the yellow light when I go to charge them. Have you experienced this? I am going to pick up a multi meter and see if the fuses are blown tomorrow. Im wondering what I did in the process for this to happen.

  10. Is there a way to connect the to screen to the bottom since it is a better looking display?? Plus I don't think you will ever need the touch once you do this mod..?

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