This is a complete beginner’s guide to modifying your vita. You will be able to use a micro sd card, homebrew and emulation on your Vita once you modify it – this tutorial gets you there!

Final HE:

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29 thoughts on “How To Mod a Vita! | Beginner's Guide | FW 3.73 & Below | Tutorial |

  1. Had to start h-encore 3 times, because it turned off the system TWICE, but then it worked like a charm. Odd.

  2. What if my Vita keeps crashing every time I start the app?

    Edit: ehy guys if you had the same problem just delete the app and re-install it

  3. Why is this video 10x easier and has less instructions than that on hacks.guide? Does this show everything or does what hacks.guide show only for advanced users who want to get the most out of the cfw?

  4. This is my first time ever trying to mod anything and when I tried connecting my Vita to my PC and use final h-encore when the green bar fills up it says "sha256sum mismatch! Please check your network." I need help I don't know what to do.

  5. I have a Vita slim, I've hacked the system before and I'm trying to hack at a lower firmware to use Adrenaline. When I try to connect to pc Vita says memory card needed for application. When I did the hack the first time no memory card was needed. Please help.

  6. This is basically trinity but for a higher firmware version :D.
    (decided to install this I felt a little adventurous)

  7. So qcma tells me 'no ps vita system has been registered', so pretty much I can't link it to the pc. Now I'm not sure if it's the cable or pc or software. Anyone have a solution?

  8. dont know if its just me but I do not see the FinalHE 'releases' anywhere on the link provided for finalhe. help?

    Edit: nvm fount it in a different part of the link

    If anyone has any questions i can reply witin seconds.
    Reply to me if you face any kind of trouble !

  10. Hey dude, first of all, thank you for the tutorial.
    I'm trying to extract the files from winrar to a document folder. However, everytime I do this, I get prompted with an error message. WinRar Diagnostics – Error Operation Failed.
    I'm really struggling with this bit, as when I try to open the final He Final application, it does not come up with anything. The size of the application is 0kb by the time I try to open it. Please help??

  11. Thanks a lot for all your vids on how to hack a vita and how to get all the good stuff, you just made my 2020 'bearable'

  12. Question how do I get a psp emulator to play birth by sleep on my vita? Is it possible? Would also like to know if ps1 games like Digimon world 3 are playable with this? Also whats this about extending memory through micro SD? Is this a feature for the slim models only?

  13. Great video. Could you make one about setting up the sd2vita card aswell? Tried but a few but dont work

  14. Can I still play online if I modify my PS VITA? or would I risk getting my PSN account banned by Sony? I wouldn’t like to get my PSN account banned as I also use it on my non-hacked PS4. I would appreciate if you could answer this thanks.

  15. Do you have a tutorial how we can download free games once we're done hacking or modding our Vitas?

  16. I ran into an error screen CO- 13006-0 when trying to lunch h-core2 application in the PS Vita, any help?

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