Do you want to know how to switch to game chat on PS4 from a playstation party??? In this fast tutorial video, I will show you the quickest way to switch to game chat. This is also called lobby chat, where you can speak to people in the lobby or game. On the PS4, hold down the ps4 button on the controller and bring up the quick menu. Scroll down to party, now go to chat audio… under here select prioritize game chat. This can be a great way to get from the Party chat into lobby chats in games like fortnite or call of duty.

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16 thoughts on “How to SWITCH to GAME CHAT on PS4 from Party! (Fast Method)

  1. When I do this I can no longer hear other people in my party. I can hear people in the lobby but not the party. I’m assuming that that is not what supposed to happen. Not sure if there’s another setting I need to change. My friend and I have tried switching over to game chat together and separately but either way we lose the ability to communicate to each other while the same time being able to hear everyone in the lobby.

  2. The "fast" method.
    Isnt this pretty much
    the only method?

    & everyone ALREADY KNOWS this.

    Is this video for "S-L-O-W/special"🤪 gamers??

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