Hey guys, hope you enjoyed this video. In this video i showed you how to turn your old dusty old ps2 keyboard to a usb keyboard without any soldering. This is a very useful technique. Please subscribe and turn on notifications to support me, i’m asking nothing else besides just to subscribe to the channel. Thankyou for watching! and one more thing….this is theoritecal. I’m not sure if this will work. this is me just experimenting guys!!

1. CANDYLAND (ncs release)
2. CLOUD 9 (ncs release)
3. DEAF KEV-INVINCIBLE (ncs release)

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32 thoughts on “How to turn a ps2 keyboard to a usb keyboard !

  1. This video is crap… the keyboard turns on because has a power supply (5v – Gnd) but the data doesn't work.
    In USB we hace D+ and D- but in PS/2 we have D+ and CLK, are differents, you need an adapter.

  2. I like how u make this video that not helps to anyone, and then you comment to everyone that you didn't said it works… Trash

  3. I am very sad because I am an Indian and watching such foolish video of no proper logic, no well defined circuit diagram and no detail regarding clock pin in ps2 makes this video equal to a stinking uncleaned toilet. Other things is developed countries people watch this video and laugh is more disappointing. I request video creator to remove such non sense video.

  4. I have to chime in. Sorry for my abrasiveness, but USB and PS/2 are so totally different that they have no hope of working. Please don't bother attempting this modification. It is completely bogus, you're wasting your time.

  5. We can connect power and ground, so that led will glow as you have shown. But for D+ and D- in usb PS2 has D and Clock. There needs to be a way to convert.

  6. your an idiot.. how can you prove that what you've done is correct if you dont have a copmuter to show it.. and yet you dare to do it and make the viewer hope that you can show that what you've done is 100% correct and functional..!

  7. My got red yellow brown and gray and I want to connect it to white red green and black how I connect them.

  8. Wait, let me get this straight. You went to all this trouble and at the end couldn't demonstrate it working as expected ?

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