Inuyasha Demon Tournament is a RPG strategy game featuring the characters from Inuyasha. Participate in the demon tournament to win the shikon jewel, which is a powerful artifact that will grant great power to whomever attain it. Gather all the shards of the shikon jewel by defeating each opponents. You must use your courage and strategy to outwit your enemies on the battlefield, or the jewel will be lost for you. Two difficulty levels: normal and hard.

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Step inside the anime world of Inuyasha and compete in the Demon Tournament. Complete the Shikon Jewel by collecting its shards in Inuyasha Demon Tournament! Outwit your opponent in a match of strength and wits in this strategy fighting game.
Use your courage and your best strategy to outwit your enemies on the battlefield, or forfeit the powerful jewel.

Inuyasha Demon Tournament is an action packed strategy fighting game where your goal is to defeat 5 opponents in a row and get the shards to complete the crystal orb artifact. The game features 8 fighters to choose from: Inyusha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Kagura, Koga, Sesshomaru, and Naraku. Each character has their own sets of skills. In this game, each side will plan 3 moves/ actions for the next round. When the round starts, the moves will be set into action. Once the round ends, another set of moves will be available for you to choose. The first to get the opponent’s HP to zero wins the match. Have fun!

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