Hey kids! Wanna date a severely burnt, mutilated serial killer with a bad backstory?! Me neither…
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Slenderman Dating Sim –

Ben Drowned Dating Simulator –

Again, please show nothing but support to these creators. These games were all good, harmless fun and this video would not have been possible without them! 🙂

I asked you guys what characters inspired from creepypasta stories had become the most over-romanticized and overrated and Jeff the Killer was of course, the clear winner with the Slenderman not far behind. Despite the original horrific intention of both characters (well, Jeff is a little questionable…), both have met the fate of becoming well known internet memes and thus become very well exposed to all corners of the internet… Fanfiction, fanart, shippings and roleplays have given them a slightly more cutesy appearance in contrast to their original designs and whilst I fully support creativity and freedom of expression, it is rather amusing just how innocent and romantic many users depict these character as. I ventured the deepest depths of deviantART to find the dating and romance simulator games inspired by these characters. These games were all made with good fun, humorous intentions and so I decided would make for a very fun video topic 🙂

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  1. Fan girls: Jeff is my bfsenipe leave him alone he is mine!!!
    Nomeral fans: 1. He kills fan girls 2. He only loves his knife 3. Shut the fuck up bitch!!!

  2. I have liked Slenderman ever since I first heard about him on Monster Quest long before I ever found Creepypastas.
    Edit: Freddy has always been my fave Horror Movie Killer!

  3. Goat man: "Just call me Charles Leroy, cause I've got a date with a 6 year old boy"
    Goat man: "Ah! I see you too keep your lotion next to an unborn fetus"

  4. Jeff the killer at 4:19: So? Since you are my girlfriend, you're willing to do everything I want. Aren't I right, honey?

    BaptismOnFire and Me at the same time: NO.

  5. everybody has fangirls……even if they kill people…..glad I'm a sane one that loves a certain principal from The Simpsons that makes the insane yandere jokes.

  6. To anyone that saw this on my watch history:
    I'm bored as fuck and want to laugh at/make fun of the idiotic forever virgins who destroyed this fandom that only in its shambles have I found and started to enjoy of whom I really want to punch since they stopped me and many others from truly being involved and fully experiencing such an amazing fandom.
    Okay? Good.

  7. Bruh,everyone talking about how they had their emo phase in highschool or middle school/didnt have an emo phase while i had mine in the 4th grade(im not saying im the only one who had it in elementary school,obviously there are many others)

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