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2018 Summer of Separation
Episode 1:
Episode 2:

2017 NO OFF SEASON SERIES (w/John Wall):

John Wall’s Bright Beginnings School:

Last summer we followed Washington Wizard’s PG and 5-time NBA All-Star, John Wall in a series called No Off Season. This summer we are back in action with season 2, titled Summer of Separation. This is the third episode in a weekly series and in this episode John talks current high school basketball, memorable moments from his high school career, plays in the Danny Rumph Classic, sees Brad Beal for the first time this summer and so much more. Be sure to follow us for each weekly drop and leave a comment below with #WallWay for a chance to win a prize pack via #BALLISLIFE!!!

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34 thoughts on “John Wall's #1 PG is WHO?! + the Unstoppable Move, Brad Beal & More! Summer of Separation /// Ep 3

  1. love this guy! so expressive, he has kind ofswaggy in way that doesn't appear to be annoying or boastful, so passionate about his crafts.

  2. Wall always has a look of bewilderment on his face. It’s as if someone asked him the square root of something and its been plaguing his mind ever since 😂😂😂

  3. WHy Wall look so fat? Man, these NBA players be letting themselves go in the summer. I mean I think he will still be ready for the season but damn, gotta start getting in shape now. Summer almost over.

  4. Is it just me or is the Wizards weight room small af compared to other teams? Is that just a satellite facility or what?

  5. Everybody saying Wall and Harden be looking fat. But will give you buckets in they're sleep and athletic like a MF. Shut yo mouth, all these people talking probably can't even make a layup lol

  6. Number 1 point guard nigga Westbrook didn’t go enywhere I like that u want to be the best but Westbrook has been busing your ass since u got into the league kyrie is better than u too stop averaging 17 point and then we can talk u are a tournover machine when u pass the ball,u smoke open layup,and u can’t shoot for shit and encases u where wondering Westbrook shooting percentage is way better than yours I have never seen a player that gets his ass bust more than u and still talks shit like he is the best

  7. John wall better be doin some shit next season cause he always talkin bout oooh I work hard n shit but he always fuckin chockes all the time and can’t make no game jumpers so I expect more dis year 🤨

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