KILLER BEAR is a light hearted horror rpgmaker game that stars a dude named Mike at a killer party. At some point there is also in fact a killer bear. Video contains all possible endings and somewhat shows how to get them.

Translated by the great Memories of Fear team, same ones who translate Corpse Party fan games. More info and download for the game here:

Due to the mood of the game I went goofy with most of the reading. I may upload a quiet endings video for people later.

Highlights & Shortcuts to the Endings –
It Begins: 09:44
Ending D: 17:31
Ending E: 19:44
Ending B: 24:47
Ending C: 25:50
Ending F: 31:47
Ending G: 35:57
Ending A: 36:49

Assorted RPGMaker Games (Oneshot) Playlist:

“You wouldn’t kill a guy with glasses would you?”

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32 thoughts on “KILLER BEAR – RPGMaker Horror Game Full Manly Playthrough (All Endings)

  1. I appreciate the clock in the background being one sprite, so it doesn't change. Implying 1. The montages were all within a minute or 2. Each one was 12 hours apart.

  2. I´m confused. There was any real danger in any moment or was all a big joke¿¿ Did Moby actually kills Mike in the some of the endings or it was another joke as well¿¿¿

  3. If you pay attention, you'll notice that even though Moby went to "make sure Ted locked the door", when you save the game after Tracy dies, Ted is also listed as dead.

  4. As a random older Manly video that was recommended to me by a friend, it's fun seeing how you've changed and how things have remained the same. The game itself is pretty fun, I can appreciate the dark comedy in a slasher flick like this.

  5. The 34 minute ending would never happen to me because i'd break the glass and come out and stab someone. I feel bad for whoever is in front of the door.

  6. "It must have taken a lot of courage to open that door!"
    Maybe he was actually suicidal and wanted to die and you destroyed his only hope. You monsters.

  7. Y'know, if I were Mike, I'd actually, legitimately hurt those guys. Forget silence; I'd beat them with that apparently fake gun.

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