Kingdom Key / King of Hearts
Kingdom Key / Ragnarok
Hero’s Origin / Drain Shock
Hero’s Origin / Atomic Deluge
Shooting Star / Meteor Shower
Shooting Star / Diving Barrage
Shooting Star / Cluster Cannonade
Favorite Deputy / Ghost Horde
Favorite Deputy / Drill Dive
Ever After / Shimmering Drops
Ever After / Spectral Rays
Happy Gear / Snakebite
Happy Gear / Warp Trick
Crystal Snow / Diamond Dust
Crystal Snow / Frozen Crescents
Wheel of Fate / Blade Storm
Wheel of Fate / Flag Rampage
Nano Gear / Cubic Stream
Nano Gear / Zone Connector
Hunny Spout / Hunny Burst
Hunny Spout / Hunny Drizzle
Hunny Spout / Sweet Surprise
Grand Chef / Steam Spiral
Grand Chef / Fruit Crusher
Classic Tone / Phantom Rush
Classic Tone / Noise Flux
Starlight / Blades of the Round
Starlight / Union Ragnarok
Ultima Weapon / Infinity Circle

Pirate Ship
Mad Tea Cups
Blaster Blaze
Magic Carousel
Splash Run

Meow Wow Balloon
8-Bit Blast
King’s Flare
Plasma Encounter
Sea Spectacle

Cherry Flan
Strawberry Flan
Orange Flan
Banana Flan
Grape Flan
Watermelon Flan
Honeydew Flan

Verum Rex
Festival Dance
Frozen Slider
Flash Tracer
100 Acre Wood

-All Ingredients
-All Flan Locations
-Unlock Ultima Weapon
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-Review/Let’s Play Channel:

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  1. Im sorry im still not understanding. Could someone olease explain to me how to use the 3rd shotlocks for starlight and hunny spout?

  2. master chief trophy is impossible at least with my controller…i guess i need a super secret special controller in order to do the FUCKING EGG thing slow enough to where it won't crack

  3. Am I the only one who rarely had any attractions pop up for me through the entire game I only got it once for rock titan and even that one doesn’t pop up in my Gummi phone record now I can’t get this trophy because of missing attractions

  4. OMG THANK YOU!!! I looked at ur list and realized I hadn’t used grand chef and the frozen keyblades shotlocks 😭😭😭

  5. Have yet to get 100 Acre Wood finished. Only two games.

    And can't get third Shotlock for that world's Keyblade (Drizzle). Too bad you didn't explain it.

  6. Can somebody help me for some reason is not allowing me to change my keyblades what should I do help help help help help

  7. Are you sure that I don't need to ultimate weapon to get that trophy because I've done all of the shotlocks even at 2 to keep lakes asked three shell locks and that's just one more shot like that I'm missing that also have a third one that I don't know about can you let me know

  8. Dude you are glossing over the starlight which is unobtainable now for anyone who didn't know about khux prior to launch of kh3. I mean this is honestly bogus since another game directly interferes with the ability to 100% kh3.

  9. All the mouse icons and still no throphy. For some reason, in the main menu doesnt appear. Maybe I need some score?

  10. so to get the third honey spout and shooting star shot locks I had to max the shotlock on an enemy while in the air. I used the building in San fransokyo for it. you'll know when you get it to because you will suddenly appear above the enemy and shoot the attack down at them. it's ok to be basically level with the enemy when you do it as long as you are technically still falling. and I did NOT have to use any form change to do it. base form is fine. I just turned off all of my allies attacks do that I could keep trying without them killing the enemy first. AND someone mentioned that there can be only one target when you do it. this is false. multiple targets is fine

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