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We play through a game of Transformers, explaining the rules as we go and teaching the basic concepts as we would during an in-person demo.

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42 thoughts on “Learning Transformers | Gameplay Tutorial with Rules Explained

  1. So ruling question, you said once you run out of cards you shuffle your deck. Does that include the "set aside pile" when you are attacking and you run out of cards when you reveal?

  2. Hello. Got an autobot starter and 6 wave 1 boosters to try the game, but my friend and I don't have the time or opportunity to study and build a deck. I was wondering if anyone has an idea so that we could still play and have fun, without having to prepare the decks? Would just randomizing the characters and battle cards for each work? Can we pile all the battle cards in just one deck and play from there or are there cards and mechanics that make this impossible? Also saw the turbo version of the game but I have to order my boosters online and I think that playing with more than 2 characters might be better. Thank you for the help.

  3. For the guns over hand weapons of cybertronians I think I have an answer. Cybertronians having built in weapons is super convenient as you can never forget a weapon or have to reload but there's a huge problem. Built in weapons cannot be detatched so there isn't a lot of mobility options. For example, if you have a sword you can swing it in weird angles depending on how you grip the weapons and with a gun or blaster you can easily swap gun between hands for certain situation of being in a corner or pinned in a wall. Another example comes from Transformers, Rise of the Fallen. This is when Optimus was fighting the Fallen, Megatron and Starscream. Optimus was able to break Megatron's cannon arm and angle it to when the cannon discharged, it shot right into Megatron's face. This means that against a skilled fighter a built in weapon can easily be redirected. In addition it seems much easier to upgrade weapons you can hold as arsenal rather than build an upgrade inside of you.

  4. I wanna see you guys play with the titan set, I was luckkky enough to find the Metroplex Set from the Super Walmart in Cinti
    And would it be funny if someone did a Yu-Gi-Yo parody animated? ^_^

  5. The game has changed since wave 1 with tons of rule changes and a few banned cards. The game is more competitive now and takes a lot more knowledge to play. Awesome game now.

  6. Hey, I love your show and all, but a mistake you made in the tutorial keeps popping up when new players show up at game stores. They seem to get confused about what happens after all characters are tapped and become untapped. Of course, the real way to resolve it is the player who went last ended his turn, and the other player gets to go next. I'm really happy new players get to learn the game through this video, but if you could put some sort of correction in the video or reupload it without the mistake, you would really help a lot of people out! Thanks in advance.

  7. Even though it seems very luck based, I like the drawing cards to defend mechanic because it allows for a faster paced attack phase

  8. What if I draw my two battle cards when attacking, and then get to draw a 3rd card bc of Bold 1, but get a white "special" on that 3rd card? Do I still get to draw 2 extra cards or does the special ability only occur if drawn in the standard 2 cards?

  9. I still can't believe that a decepticon starter deck doesn't exist. Surely the best way to get anyone into this is to be able to have an autobot vs decepticon battle (including optimus vs megatron) from the start.

  10. These were in my local Walmart then they disappeared without a trace and have yet to return. There's not even a single price tag says Transformers tcg

  11. Hi. I'm want to know if attack is something I must do as per rules, or if I'm able to pass without attacking. Thanks.

  12. So, if you have a pierce 3 and attack a bot with less than 3 hp, does it say in the rules anywhere where you still have to draw cards for the randomization damage/defense? I suppose you'd still go through the motions because it would still influence the game's future.

  13. The game seems kind of Meh! … I was hoping that with a huge brand like Transformers that they would spend the time to make the game interesting. The battling is similar to the original Star Wars CCG where you flip the top card and add to your strength… I don't mind that too much, but it does remove some skill elements from the game. Also, are all the Bot cards that big? is is that just for the starter set??

  14. The card Drill arms is from IDW's All Hail Megatron series. Also, AHM is the greatest transformers story ever told.

  15. Oh boy. As a long time fan of transformers and the Pokémon card game this is disappointing. I’m still gonna try it out though.

  16. I think that this is the physical card game version of the ‘Transformers: Legends’ app that was out back in 2012-2013. *Simple*, but a TOTAL blast.

  17. When you draw a white special, why are you drawing more cards? Do you get to draw two more if you get a special on the second card drawn?

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