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On this special episode of Flophouse Plays, I team up with my brawling buddy Liam as we kinda give an inside-baseball developer’s commentary on The Takeover!

Thanks to Antonis (Pelikan13) for having me help out on this project!

And thanks to all the following people for their contributions!
Donald Kirby
Yuzo Koshiro
Sarah Anne Williams
Marc Swint
Jalen Cassell
Adam “Keits” Heart
Bill Rogers
Little V Mills
Richie Branson
Momoka Truong
James Ronald
Star Pyrate
Chase Ashbaker
Elise Lovelock

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39 thoughts on “LET'S KNUCKLE UP! – The Takeover (ft. Liam)

  1. Bought it on Nintendo expecting the midnight release but the dont so that and ps4 didnt have it on the store so I'm playing late but I still enjoy it .

  2. Are there unlockable skins and/or characters? The opponents look a bit generic. Maybe some female opponents, like most brawlers have. The game looks great and I'd love to play it on my PS4 & Switch. Thanks.

  3. Amazing work, Matt. I've watched a few LPs of this, been waiting for it to come out since you first announced it on your channel. I can't wait to really dig into the gameplay on my own!

  4. Having played and brought the game before, I was honestly surprised by how much it felt like it toke off of Streets of Rage, ESPECIALLY when I'm so used to the grudge match that is Final Fight vs Streets of Rage!

  5. When I heard Matt's outro music playing in a cutscene, I got that feeling you get when an anime plays the op during the final battle. What's that called? Oh, right. "Hype."

  6. I'm not sure if it's explained anywhere else and I just missed it but what is the deal with Jackson? I know you said he is an extra character but what's the story behind that? I know some Beat 'em ups have characters that have no play in the story (example being Roo from Streets of Rage 3) but I'd love to hear some insight into the implication of this extra character.

  7. Great game, I'd had it in early access for 3 years and it was nice to see it come a long way since the first time I played it, though I stupidly thought nothing more would be added to it so late in and did a "full" lets play on my channel last year…and then more stuff got added lol if Streets of Rage 4 turns out to be a pile of wank we'll always have this to play.

  8. Cant wait to buy this so it can set me on the path to finally play all the beat em ups I've admired from afar

  9. Not to sound like I'm making a cheap excuse, but I WILL buy this on console. It's just where I prefer to do all my gaming these days. Great work!

  10. This looks really cool, seeing it in full action. It's funny how great a lot of these beat 'em ups can turn out when it's like 1 or 2 people doing all the work themselves, this and Fight 'N Rage definitely are examples of it. It reminded me a lot of Final Fight and Streets of Rage, which sounds like the biggest inspirations, so I'd say that it accomplished that goal well paying homage to the old classics. I'll be sure to try it some time.

  11. I really like that animations use that choppy low framecount aesthetic despite using 3D models. It really feels like a 90s arcade game, or Donkey Kong Country.

  12. Gonna pick this up on payday! You gotta love on Civvie. "Ah, a sewer level."? C'monnnn! Love you sweet muscleboi and Liam the waifu archer

  13. I just noticed that the musical sting from 46:54 is the outro sting for Matt's channel. Nice bit of viral advertising, there.

  14. Not sure if this will sound patronizing, I don't want it to, but I am super proud of you, Matt. You put in a lot of work, love, and passion into this, and it shows, same obviously goes for the creator.

  15. Matt you did quite a bit for this game, it looks awesome! Was going to buy it before because I love beat em ups, will definitely get it now!

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