Drew Brees and the New Orleans were able to outlast Calvin Johnson and the Detroit Lions during this 2011 Wild Card matchup.

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36 thoughts on “Lions vs. Saints (2011 NFC Wild Card) | Brees Outlasts Calvin Johnson | NFL Classic Highlights

  1. A shame this team couldn’t overcome a 5 TO game against a top 3 defense in San Francisco. Hell they scored 32 even with 5 turnovers and the 49ers needed a last second TD to win it. They would’ve gone to the SB at the minimum had they somehow won that game.

  2. This game should have been a major red flag for the Saints on defense – notice the very next week the defense allowed way too many big plays against the 49ers, including the long touchdown run by Alex Smith, and the catch from Vernon Davis.

  3. Any chances games from the 60's available. like Saints 1st win against Philadelphia '67 Saints vs Vikings in '68, or the 6 Saint wind in '69?

  4. So this is why Nate Burleson stays hating on the Saints on GMFB.. Forgot he played for the lions this game lmfao.

  5. This was when the Lions had a great offense, but were let down by a shitty defense. A couple years later they had a great defense, but lost to Dallas in the playoffs.

  6. that whistle blowing on that fumble killed us, any other time the refs let them play out and then look at the review after the play is over

  7. I'm a Lions fan and watching this was pretty cool. Not a Saints fan but I grew to love Bree's. He straight up owned our defense. Dude is a monster when he has the right people around him

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