Lost Region Gameplay | Join one of the factions, build your base, explore 64sq/km. Create your own world where you can be proud loner, or create a group with your friends. The entire subsequent history of the world depends on you.

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31 thoughts on “Lost Region | First Look

  1. Bit of objective view: Looks like your into giving exposure of the game. Is that just you and Im being too critiquingly crass… or you not too into playing it.? Each game Ive followed you playing you miss details. Small example, when you found the mushroom, you walked by two more just before that. Ive seen it on Green Hell, Journey of Life just to name a few.
    But Im Subscribed, and have liked the games youve reviewed. Thanks.

  2. Thanks GE for sharing a new plausible Alpha. Alas, 7D2D has set the marker for expectations a tad high for many of us that this Alpha feels… Meh…

  3. Lol….this game is mostly negative reviews and they won't me to spend my hard earned money on it….hell no…of course YouTubers will play it…it's FREE…I play it to if you give to me FREE too

  4. Graphics look good. Nice immersive clutter in the world. However, there is a disappointing amount of interactive things in the environment. I would like to see more of it, though. Maybe the devs will add more interactive elements. 🙂

  5. Looks like it needs work. A lot of work. The sound when loot windows close is extremely obnoxious and needs to change straight away.

  6. How old are you Game Edged? Also I think you only checked about 25% of things, did you even check cash registers? or the cars again?

  7. ive had this game on my wishlist for quite awhile. good to finally see some of the world. definately needs some work before i'l buy it but looks god for where its at so far. thanks for another great vid GE

  8. Wooo, looks like fun, but I looked at in on STEAM, and Damn Such Bad Attitudes toward it, HOPE they Get it fixed. Maybe they should have done more work BEFORE they released it.. lol Seems to Work FINE on your Video Though, But I will WAIT Thanks Man, LOVE All you DO!!! YES WATCH MORE OF THIS GAME< u ALWAYS teach me how to play NEW games buddy!! LOVE YA!!

  9. I THOUGHT it looked generic with a good upside but when I saw "f@#k the cops" I stopped watching and will never get thisgam3 even if free!! You can add that yo your game knowing some of us are cops or who have had friends that died as cops giving all they had to keep us safe. Your game and company are on my do not buy list and hope others follow.

  10. maybe there is a NPC who told to hide all the guns from you so there would be no shot first ask later? ha ha ha

  11. Nice video GE. Game is not ready to be played yet. Not enough content for me. Has potential but nothing seems to flow at present.

  12. This game reminds me a lot of Next Day Survival. I liked NDS, but PVP was terrible with the campers. I would be interested in seeing more game play if you can fit it in to your already busy schedule. Thanks, GE!

  13. Good stuff as always GE, but as i said before…your so impatient haha,, cracks me up, you always walk right past stuff saying you cant find it, makes me laugh, but this has no effect on the awesome content GE, your little mess ups just make it more interesting, keep it up 😉

  14. I like everything you play even 7 days and I don't like the game I like watching you play it. For me it is the personality and not necessarily the game but as I always say thank you for a awesome video and from me too you I hope you and the family are doing well……

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