Each turn involves one player throwing two model pigs, each of which has a dot on one side only. The player will have points either given or taken away, based on the way the pigs land (see below). Each turn lasts until the player throwing either rolls the pigs in a way that wipes out their current turn score or decides to stop their turn, add their turn score to their total score and pass the pigs to the next player. The winner is the first player to score a total of 100.

The approximate probabilities of the various positions (for a single pig) are:
Side (no dot) – 6,139/17,581 = 34.9%
Side (dot) —- 5,372/17,581 = 30.6%
Razorback —- 3,852/17,581 = 21.9%
Trotter ———- 1,550/17,581 = 8.8%
Snouter ——— 546/17,581 = 3.1%
Leaning Jowler – 122/17,581 = 0.69%

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5 thoughts on “Pig Mania

  1. We got Pig Mania for a wedding present in 1978 and it was the funniest thing ever. We've kept the game but the box and rules have disappeared, fortunately the original pigs have weathered the years well. Now, however, we have a rules question and wonder if the original poster or others can help. We're wondering if there is a move that causes one's entire score, from the start of gameplay, to be thrown out and one has to start over? Also, we recall that there was some provision made for betting, of sorts, against another's score, turn, or ? If you still have the original rules, would it be possible to post them? Any assistance would be appreciated.

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