Here are some Playstation life hacks that actually work! You can use these tips every day! These tips and tricks can be used on original PS4, PS4 Pro, & PS4 Slim. I use these tips to increase performance & improve my Playstation gaming experience. I hope these life hacks help you!

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41 thoughts on “Playstation life hacks that actually work!

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  2. cohacking on ìg.i'm recommending him for his good job .he just got my account back perfectly .ì' and my friend are testimony of his awesome skill and professionalism

  3. My ps4 broke down after my fortnite data got corrupt and i deleted it and downloaded it I’m gonna replace the hdd

  4. I was going to buy ps4 and started my research… Having ps4 is the hugest tedium ever. Like every single thing requires so much back and forth. I thought that was the upside of console, you buy it, plug it in and start to play, but noooouuu… Let's just start with ps4 not having 3.5 audio jack, and let's just end there.
    WHO THE FUCK USES TV SPEAKERS FOR GAMING OR ANYTHING ?! Tv speakers suck! that's why we buy expensive speaker systems

  5. Many of these I really knew, but there one a reverse version of tut PS4/TV turn on. Many smart TV's have a gamer mode that will allow you to set up your console to turn on when you hit the tv power button

  6. I use an Anker USB Hub too. But bandwidth isn’t infinite, you will run out if you use too many devices trying to send data all at once

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  8. Thank you, I use the double tap on the PS button alot when my friend is talking to me and I am playing a game

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