Welcome to the first video in our “Pro Tools for Beginners” series. In this video, Jason de Wilde, Head of Audio at the Australian Institute of Music takes us through a quick tour of the main two windows of Pro Tools and explores the basic techniques and tools for navigation. You will see main parts of the Edit Window, and the Mix Window to get you started. Remember if you have any comments or questions, please let us know.

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Audio @ AIM
Welcome to Audio Engineering at AIM. This audio course is for students who want to follow a career as a sound engineer, music producer, or audio specialist, with a focus on technical production skills.
Students develop professional skills in critical listening, recording, mixing, studio and live sound. AIM’s audio course is delivered by some of the finest Audio teachers in Australia. There is a high component of collaboration as audio students work with other AIM students including composers, musicians, performers and actors to complete major recording projects.

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48 thoughts on “Pro Tools for Beginners Tutorial – Part 1 – Navigation

  1. Thanks, I’m getting pro tools for free through a connection with people and I’m about to start using it

  2. I need help sir..

    Why can’t I hear what I’m doing through my headphones? I can’t find a headphones setting and it’ll only playback through the speakers.. please help!

  3. Yo wtf is this intro song from?? I swear its from like Life With Derek or some shit. If anyone can help me youll have a special place in my heart

  4. Hey this sounds like a good song and many people have commented wondering what it is and I’m sure the artist and producer would love to have people listening to it. Can you share the artist and the song?

  5. You didnt start recording process from beginning. For those of us who dont know how you got the track there. You didnt show us this from scratch????

  6. Please make a video on "How I route voice over audio while making ProTool tutorials" I can not figure this simple little thing out. I'm trying to use Aiseesoft Mac Screen Recorder, to no luck with the voice over routing. Thanks!


  8. Nice video lesson. I have been using Cool Edit Pro (free version from Peter Quistgard), which seems to do the same thing and less over whelming than Pro Tools. I check out more of this series for possible tips to try out.

  9. Should I use Pro Tools, or Ableton? Keep in mind that I started out using Audacity, and the switch from Audacity to Ableton was difficult after buying my Alesis v49. Both Pro Tools and Ableton are included as software in my 49 key Midi Keyboard. I just dont know if I should stick with Ableton and after a few weeks ill be used to using Ableton, or I should use Pro Tools because its similar to Audacity (I saw videos and I saw that tghe design looked similar to Audacity, but I may be wrong). Thanks for helping me out if you can, please comment if you know whats best.

  10. My Bars and beats ruler numbers are all over the place from 1/1 1/2 1/3 (it did say start is 1/1/1000) to 3 4 5 then next number 17 45 66 81 97 … Ny way to get this ruler to start at 0 to 1 to 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and so on.There is no ruler numbers between 3 and 17 or 1/3 to 0 1 2 3 4 ect. whats going on withe this?

  11. I have a problem after a year of frustration I finally got my mic set up to pro tools but when I record, I cant see the vocals. I can hear them but can't see them pls help

  12. if you make a course about Sequoia Pro X, let me know, Pro tools? No thank you, thank you for the video

  13. Pro Tools is the worse thing that ever happened to music. Now, instead of listening to real music, performed by real musicians; we listen to synthesized heavily-commercialized crap that is create with software and without talent or inspired lyrics.

  14. Great vid, not sure why you're getting some unkind comments, I'm very grateful for this. I'm coming back to PT after about a 5 year gap. I got so frustrated with AVID's attitude towards what they consider to be "bedroom producers" – home audio professionals. Last time I used it the pinch feature on Mac trackpads didnt work in Pro Tools – I hope that has since changed..??

  15. This really help because I’ve been using audio evolution for the last past year gonna try pro tools now 👌

  16. I've been following and practicing your great Pro Tools for beginners. Having completed the series to #7. In looking for #8 in the series I found 2 different videos one on reverse reverb and a two part series on xpand. Though these are informative too, I'm wondering if there are more PT for beginners in the series?

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