Hey youtube, I am documenting the rebuilding my collection and I want you to come along for the ride!! I’m out in the wild hunting at places like good will, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, garage sales, Mile High Flea Market, pawn shops and everywhere else. I’m simply nerding out and sharing my finds.

I got very sick about 6 years ago and had multiple surgeries, the result being that I sold all my stuff (furniture, movies, electronics, and GAMES). That was also before the market BOOMED for vintage video games. So sad, but all is not lost. They are just things and they are not “one of a kind” items most of the time, so I CAN rebuild! Come along for the ride as I scour the earth and complete my collection!

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16 thoughts on “Product Review – Game Case King Custom Cases

  1. It looks like after 2017 the game case king stopped making these cases or got careless or got busy with his personal life and puts this business on the back burner or doesn’t care to make a priority or customer service. I wrote to him a month ago and on social media and still no answer wondering if he’s back in business or what. Thankfully I didn’t order. I really liked his internal art option and his spine art for the new snes cases. I would have gladly given him the business no I have to look elsewhere. Denver gamer, you are lucky you got them when he was focused on the business more. For the other guys who ordered and got delayed, scammed or a bad experience…thankfully I saw your messages and it’s what made me hesitant and contact gamecaseking before ordering. What I just don’t understand is which would have been forgiven is why didn’t Jared the gamecaseking just put a note on site that read he is currently not producing the cases at this time or on delay or busy? Or at least put the he site down or noice saying he will be back soon. But nada! Nor any mention or reply on social media which is still up. Irresponsible and disheartening. Guess he doesn’t hold the title of “king” anymore or never did. Go to customgamecases folks or stoneagegamer. Top notch service, quick replies, instant uodates and notifications, on social media, and glimpse of status and workmanship each day. While still working hard and in communication with all during the Corona virus pandemic and honest answers letting you know if they are on backorder or any issue if merchandise and orders are delayed.

  2. Is GameCaseKing no longer making these? I dont see any recent reviews, nor responses here or site or social media

  3. for any future collectors watching this video…..STAY AWAY FROM GAME CASE KING. You place an order through him online….wait forever…then he doesnt respond to your texts/emails…He will ONLY respond when you threaten to hurt his "business". He didnt respond to me for over 30 days, and it was only when I threatened to file a complaint to the FTC that he responded and shipped my order immediately. And from the looks of these comments and other review videos, I'm not alone in this situation. Again… STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

  4. I just got my cases frome gamecaseking and they kick a$$….fit the system specific games perfectly and the artwork is awesome.

  5. I placed an order black friday 2017, as a christmas gift. received an confirmation email. Jared processed the order including shipping cost, immediately charging my card!!!!!! I can not get any response from JARED WAGNER, or Game Case King! I Know have to file a case with my bank against JARED OF GAME CASE KING. BEWARE……STAY AWAY

  6. I am in the middle of a pay pal claim with the game case king as I could not get in contact through phone, email or text either. I made my order back in October 2017 and we are January 9th 2018 now. Still no contact. Very unreliable and after seeing this video and the shotty workmanship I'll be glad to get my money back. I too made a mass bulk order and I got f*** Definitely avoid Game Case King if anyone is thinking about making an order. Nothing but a hassle. And thank you Blu-ray king for this video, I thought I was the only one.

  7. STAY AWAY from this company and guy… he doesn't send orders look at comments on other videos I had to get a paypal claim refund after a few months of waiting after being promised multiple times my item would be shipped soon.

  8. I personally order horizontal, and for awhile ive gone with customgamecases but the inside artwork made me get a few of these, im excited to see how it looks with Super star wars and super godzilla

  9. nice but I don't like the alteration of the original artwork with that silver lines and spine block, but he offer a horizontal design like the original artwork with no alteration, very nice.

  10. sweet cases.! how long did it take for you to get them.? i ordered some in May, still no word. Been a month since I've tried contacting him and like many others get no reply. which is a big complaint from most people. I was starting to think this dude was a sham, but I see a lot of people posting their goods. I really hope i get mine soon.

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