Try it out:
Watch as I try this software out for the very first time. My conclusion? I think it’s pretty awesome and I’m definitely going to do it justice by recording a proper tutorial very shortly.

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13 thoughts on “ProtoPie ProtoTyping – I've never tried this software before, let's try it out

  1. Functionalities seems great, but UX is pretty bad.

    Hope they updated these issues now. These are just something I find annoying.
    1. Cant pick current color.
    2. Why does the preview open on new pies? There's nothing to preview yet.
    3. Timeline makes more sense at the bottom.
    4. Why cant we change the font? I saw that option on their tutorials. Where are they?
    5. Can't change/edit trigger. If I wanted to change tap to mouse down I would have to delete it and add another?
    6. Why do we have to manually remove the style in mouse out? Should just have a checkbox to return to previous values.

  2. XD, Sketch, Iconic, roughly 100 others. I believe I like this one the most.
    Sketch is very popular in companies, however. It's not available for pc. I work on both systems. I need a tool that works on both. I do love sketch because it's so lightweight. Because they use the OS internal UI. The would completely have to rewrite the app for windows.

    Adobe really needs to come up with a huge! update on XD. I read that micro transactions are in the making which is good.
    They also need to work on the text tools in XD. To my knowledge you can't directly "uppercase" text. the feature was suggested (can you imagine this is a suggestion?) in 2016…

    I love the adobe kit, I feel often reluctant to purchase other kits, but so far I have been prototyping with protopie the most when clients ask for interactive mock ups. It's a good tool once you bend your head on their – to me – weird user interface.

  3. Hello Gary. I've been a big fan or student i should say ever since i discovered your channel. It's kind of sweet seeing an expert like yourself learning a new tool. Just goes to show that there's no end to learning & is really encouraging.

  4. I havent ever used xd or this software but this seems like a website or app design and working prototype i believe?

  5. Sir, how much ram does needed for web dev and tell me best budget laptops under 25,000rs.also make front end web tutorials series.

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