Welcome to my first PS Vita hack video. Today we will install H-Encore for Version 3.73.

This will work for PS Vita Gen 1 & 2. I followed a Text tutorial online to create this video. I want to give a big thanks to the Author, Dre Aldana at code donut.com. Check him out here.

Full-Text Tutorial

✖✖✖ Links ✖✖✖
Final HE

USB driver for PS Vita

▽ Original PSP 1000 Box Review

▽ GBA Emulator Tutorial

▽ 7-Zip Program

Helpful videos!
▽ How to hack your PSP 1000/2000

▽ How to hack your PSP GO!

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~ Disclaimer ~
I am not responsible for any damage that happens to your system. Please follow all the steps carefully and if you are hesitant about something please STOP and ask questions or do your own research. Make sure you have a good running computer, charged battery, power cable connected, and a reliable USB cable to prevent any damage to your console.

I will not in any way replace, pay, or fix your device. Proceed at your own risk.

This tutorial was created to help fellow enthusiasts and users of the Playstation Portable. I do my best to clearly explain the steps necessary to accomplish the task at hand mentioned in this video. I do NOT consider myself a professional but more as an amateur and mostly an enthusiast.

All credit for any applications, emulators, games, and any other utilities should go solely to the creator. I do not own any of them, however, I do own the created video, voice-over, and a PSP console shown in this video.

This video is not intended for children under the age of 13.

Thank you for watching, I really do appreciate it.

– Reynaldo Robles Junior

– Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

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23 thoughts on “PS Vita Tutorial: How To Hack PS Vita Version 3.73 | H-Encore 2 Custom Firmware | Easy 2020 Edition

  1. thank you for the video . It worked.. I also did the PKGJ plugin and it was preety easy. Thanks a lot .

  2. Excuse me. Are there any side effects for the ps vita and the computer when we open the links in the description? Like the computer gets hacked or virus?? Could anyone please help me out for assurance in doing it. Thank you

  3. need help installed the content manager but it still wont let the ps vita conect to the pc just says cannot connect to the pc

  4. Why didn't you just buy a micro SD Card and the SD to vita adapter?

    You could have gotten at least 64gb/128gb for the same price.

  5. Do I need to buy a memory card in order to hack my PS Vita?
    Hacking so I can play my PS Vita can backups and load them off a a SD card that pops into the gameslot.
    Don't wanna spend too much cash on a proprietary PS Vita memory card if I'm just gonna buy the hacked memory card that goes into the gameslot.
    Awesome vid man, will definitely subscribe!

  6. My memory card is fucked man,I was planning on doing this since my vita was collecting dust since like 2014 and when I finally got a charger and the stuff for sd2vita yesterday, my memory card was acting weird and giving me errors and then it gave me this one C4-10278-8 and no I can't use it at all fml

  7. 0/10. I kept pressing the circle button to launch content manager and it didn’t work! I pressed it a much the button fell off. Terrible how to!

  8. I need your help as I've finalized all the steps and when i tried to open the app h-encore from the PS Vita the device restart

  9. I have been asking around and haven’t gotten an answer, but if you connect your PSN account along with using remote play, can you get banned from using a hacked vita? I plan to play vita games as well as game emulators like gba, psone, psp, etc. but I want to make sure doing so doesn’t screw me over

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