Sony spent 7 years catching up to Xbox 360 sales in the previous generation of consoles. But this time around things are completely different. PS4 has been a knock-out success with little standing in its way from the very beginning. And now, its time to take a closer look at all the events that led to its market leadership.

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42 thoughts on “PS4 Documentary: How Sony Became the King of Consoles Again.

  1. Hi everyone! If you enjoyed this little documentary check out the one I did on the PlayStation Vita! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5OS5YFuBOE

    Thanks so much for all the kind comments and support. I don't care what they say about you all, I think you're awesome.

  2. 11:46 "They should call it Xbox Done, because it looks like they're done with gaming."

    That comment was the best

  3. When xbox realised the price everyone said BOOOOOO

    Meanwhile with ps4 everyone was cheering

    You can search it up

  4. Now, the question is who will take advantage of all this next round and who will shoot themselves in the foot?

  5. i feel like xbox is just a usa thing nobody in my country even knows what that is unless they are hardcore gamers, playstation always winning!

  6. now ps4 over 100 million sold
    but im worried because they start censors bunch of game especially anime game

  7. xbox fans can talk about their console being the most powerful console all they want but at the end it won't matter if xbox doesn't have any good games to show for it this generation playstation completely destroyed xbox even nintendo switch has higher sales numbers than xbox one xbox is like ivan drago all muscle and power but playstation is like bruce lee it has speed,style,performance,strength that's why it won and i hope ps5 dominates the next gen too

  8. Sony: "Microsoft my PS4 is goanna win."

    Microsoft: "Your on Sony, Xbox One goanna win."

    Nintendo: "My Nintendo Switch has won over fans."

  9. Whenever people mention the ps3's generation. They always mention that the console cost $600 at launch as a reason why the console started out slow. But it's just simply not true. Even at the $600 price tag at launch, the PS3 was selling out everywhere within minutes of retail stores getting the consoles. PlayStation gamers were willing to pay that price for the console. Sony's biggest problem that generation was the fact that they had to launch a whole year later than the 360, which gave them approximately a 10 million head start. And when they launched the PS3, they were unable to do a simultaneous worldwide release. Once the PS3 became available worldwide, it outsold the 360 in worldwide sales every single year.

  10. Xbox and playstation are the same shit tbh I play both of them, xbox one x is more powerful though. The only difference is games, my god did Sony hit it out of the park in that aspect. Xbox gotta step it up with their games honestly.

  11. Nintendo: Oh come on, the Wii U wasn’t THAT bad.
    Sony: Well at least you aren’t as bad as him.
    Nintendo and Sony: *stare intensely at Xbox*

  12. For me Xbox is pointless. As a PC gamer, the PS is the only console with enough exclusives to bother buying. Which is completely the opposite view I had with the 360. I'll be buying a PS5 having only recently bought a ps4 pro to play all the exclusives I missed

  13. I really hate this conflicting console opinions on the comments. Like dude stfu nobody with more than 5 IQ cares about which console is better. There both consoles and who tf cares about the graphics or processing and whatever hardware bullshit because it’s not about that, it’s about the fun you have with the console.

  14. Xbox was totally wrong. I think their reason for DRM is that they want to maximize sales by forcing every owner to buy games. This is directly contradicting the whole genre of console gaming. Console gaming is about being able to play and share personal libraries of games with friends and relatives.
    Sony understands that there are still a HUGE community of console gamers who rely on positive word-of-mouth and good recommendations from fellow friends. The digital age was a double edge technology, it enabled consumers to access digital games much more easily, but also allowed companies to impose restrictions onto consumers.
    An average console gamer may not care about digital or physical editions, but even they can agree that ownership of games means being free to share copies of games around. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, think about innovation. PS4 has a touchpad, there could be so much more potential in gameplay. Xbox innovated on corporate narratives, but stayed stagnant on basic gameplay.

  15. The PS4 is now cracked, and I can play free games that I download online. AWESOME!! PS5 is a PC, I give the MODDER community 2 weeks to crack the software and hardware.

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