48 thoughts on “PS4 Slim 500GB vs PS4 Slim 1TB – Which Is The Better Value?

  1. The segsvate or whatever pretty looking color plus $5, less. Not bad price for 2 TerraBites. Glad found this, so not make a mistake. I can always get the external later on holiday sales. I forgot saw that un other video in here in other channel during my research.

  2. 4 years ago I got the PS4 slim 1tb with the Lego Star Wars bundle. Sure it’s not a great game but I was able to get the PS4 slim 1 tb for only £245

  3. It's true that PS4 500GB is slower than the 2TB one ??? I have a 500GB with external 2TB… and games getting stock specially that new CoD MW..

  4. 500 GB:

    Red dead redemption 2
    Battlefield 5
    Gta 5
    Ufc 3
    Ni no kuni II Relevant Edition
    (Memory full)

  5. Don’t forget that the “external hard drives” are simply a 2.5” laptop hdd in a case. You can open the case, after reformatting the drive, and replace the 500GB drive that came in the system. It’s a pretty straight forward process, and I’ll even share a link for anyone who’s wondered about it but hasn’t really looked into it yet. IGN did an article on it that seems pretty legit.

    If YouTube won’t let you click it, you could probably search for it on IGN’s website.

  6. My bro got a 500gb slim and he would constantly have to delete games to make space for new games, I have the 1tb PS4 slim and haven't ran out of space yet with games like 2k 17 2k18 Horizon Dawn, gta5, red dead redemption 2 Modern Warfare,, God of War I mean shit plus I be on ps now. If you plan on buy alot of games than don't go with the 500 gb shit the new modern warfare is taking up like 200gb or some shit

  7. Tbh
    I don't think 1tb is not enough if your a physical game collector and you play them all
    Because the extra stuff u have to download
    Or the installation discs I might buy a external memory for mine

  8. I prefer PS4 slim 500 gb
    I have it and there is no issue of space
    How many games u can play at a time??? then Why u buy 1tb???

  9. You're video was shallow and pedantic lol. Also why not get the 500gb and spend $99 on an 1tb solid state drive. Better than a stock hdd. I know 2 years later but this is what youtube dose now. I'm watching outdated videos

  10. PS4 500gb, just delete games that don’t use often and with the newer games, the installation is so quick that you can play immediately.

  11. i have play my ps4 slim 500gb for 1year 1 month its working fine. but one way you can get all games is to buy usb box 2tb. you can just boughtin store cost me for 120$ and there all my games in there its great box and i love all my games. but i support ps4 slim 500gb you can just buy one box whit 4tb.(not bougtin store) i just buy one store. i can scroll up and delete.

  12. I need 1tb for YouTube videos cuz mines took up 50 gigs for uploading videos and it wasn't even alot of videos

  13. i wonder if it be a good idea to have a fully cloud based console. on the other hand youll SOL when you dont have a network connection

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