My dad and I take a look at the Blitz Ball, which is advertised as a backyard baseball toy that curves twice as much as a normal baseball. We compare it to another similar As Seen On TV product, the Swerve Ball, in a series of tests to see which of the two is the superior baseball.

Special thanks to my close friends Tristen and Jeremie for helping us out with the video! Their background with baseball provided areas of expertise that I otherwise wouldn’t been able to bring to the table while determining the quality of these products.

Freakin’ Reviews:

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20 thoughts on “Review: Blitzball vs. Swerve Ball

  1. Good stuff. I'll get this for cricket coaching. May be not for batting other than defending because I don't want to break my Britzball. I'll be using it more for catching. The benefit is to keep your eyes on the ball and catch with 2 hands. My review will be coming once it arrives from the states.

  2. i had a swerve ball once 3 pack 2 dented a ton and the last one actually cracked from a hit of a swerve ball bat

  3. Damn I can throw a swerve ball better that’s u guys can throw a blitzball
    I should try to throw a blitzball and see how much movement I can get

  4. I’m pretty sure the blitz ball has a soft spot in it for when ever water gets in it you can push it in and squeeze the water out

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