🔵 This high elo jungle gameplay guide shows you how to scale faster and WIN vs strong early game junglers – all as a LATE GAME jungler! 🔵Coaching/Gameplay Channel:

1) 5 Steps To Come From Behind:
2) Farming Video:
3) Farming Video ROUTE:

In this hard carry jungle gameplay guide, I discuss how you can exploit your advantage vs the enemy jungler in order to shut him down, as well as support your winning lanes by keeping him away from any successful ganks and ensuring you play the game right so you can WIN as a scaling jungler. Using Kindred, you can invade, gank, find a way to get objectives very easily in order to scale FASTER to you can reach your end game fantasy and defeat early game junglers!

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47 thoughts on “Scale FASTER & BEAT Strong Early Game Junglers | League of Legends Jungle Guide

  1. Not accurate… no one will have low hp after clearing camps unless you are in brozen. Plus invading is a waste of time when you are not ahead because enemy laners are always going to come faster to help in their own jungle, so this video is a big yikes

  2. Just found this channel and it's exactly what I was looking for. Love your style and your content, thanks for helping me become a worthy jungler. I'm still far from earning my place in Valhalla, but you are showing me the honorable path to victory.

  3. Yea but some people on lane dont understand it and start flaming because you dont gank how can you deal with them?

  4. Literally what i was talking about in your rant video you just posted HAHAHA. You have to play your macro game almost perfectly to get ahead, no margin for error

  5. @Virkayu what program u use to edit ur videos?
    I play at Brazil and i want to impact my community on a positive way, i want to edit videos and you are a hell of a parameter with this astonishing qualities, efects, and simbols that u use, such as the runes icons and path indicators. If you could tell me what you use to edit like that, would be helpfull as hell! Congrats for the awsome work, u got a new follower!

  6. Man I wish you could watch one of my games. You wouldn't believe your eyes. I dont understand how people in my games can function day to day with the little brain activity they have.

  7. please do a video on agurin's playstyle. not only he is rank 1 on euw server but he literally carrys every game

  8. It’s like that you start up your life as a fragile lion cub, but a few years later you become the Lion King. (See what I did there).

  9. Man, been a while since I last watch a video from you. I just got busier with work lately and now in my free time I watch most of the videos you made for the latest patch

  10. Shit, this is why i am versing a bunch more Shyvanas in my games, still kick their buts with warrior enchantment warwick.

  11. U really deserved more Subs!!!
    I never saw such a High Quality in a Youtube League Tutorial.
    And you do it every Video.

    When I can see you streaming?
    I really want to see the orrn Jungle, your playstyle with Orrn/Zyra is really interessting.
    I want to see some Full Gameplays. <:

  12. how do i know which jungler is early game champ or late game? didn't find anything about this online

  13. kindreds early game is often taken for granted . level 3 she is pretty strong as her e still executes below 30 percent hp love the vid btw quality content as always mate

  14. Early invade works especially well against fiddlestick. He always try to do blue and gromp at once on his first clear getting very low in hp department and it is easy first blood.

  15. me going 0/7 and finally purchasing my rageblade
    team: lets surrender
    enemy: just surrender
    me: dont worry guys. we scale. game just started

  16. Do you think kindred is in a strong or weak position currently, and what do you think are their shortcomings?

  17. What is your feeling about the new fiddlestick ? 🙂
    Is it good ?
    I feel like his damage are a bit too low to be efficient, but I want to play it because he looks awesome !

  18. A look into the new fiddle would be awesome! Ive been playing him a lot and it has worked out really well most of the time but im not sure if im using my abilities optimally. Great video btw.!

  19. Any idea when the Fiddle rework video is coming out? I've been doing very well on him but Im still not sure if Im playing it right, can't check my match history due the issues wich sucks tho, is Electrocute better or prefer Dark Harvest?

  20. First: it's always so satisfying seeing champs like Darius and Yasuo being punished for existing.

    Second: could you make a full on guide on Kindred for this season? (Or will you wait until they get their skin?)

    Thanks for the amazing guide!

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