Welcome to the first episode of my newest walkthrough, Shrink Hotel, a GTS JRPG game made by ttt. For this walkthrough I’m using an English patch made by onomaximum, the current version of Shrink Hotel is 0.62, which means the game is not finished yet. Onomaximum’s English patch is an edited machine translation, which means it was made by editing machine translations of lines of text in the game,. However not every line in the game as of now has been edited, so some lines and text may look janky and not make much sense if any, but thankfully most of the text is edited so hopefully it isn’t much of a problem. For this walkthrough, I’ll be covering as much content currently in the game as I can,. Sometimes I may need to censor things, and I won’t be interacting with every single NPC especially GTS’s, since some of them just immediately kill you, so I’ll be trying to avoid those as to not disrupt the flow of the walkthrough, so if I don’t interact with someone, that’s probably why.

In this first episode, we are introduced to our protaganist, Daichi, and are also introduced to a few other important characters that will have a role to play in the time to come. While cleaning out an old building at his school, Daichi finds himself shrunken to the size of a bug and trapped in a strange but also dangerous place. So begins his quest to find out exactly what is going on, and to regain his lost size.

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14 thoughts on “Shrink Hotel Walkthrough Part 1 – "Daichi"

  1. After i downloaded the game, and then i start it, it says{Loading Error: "Failed to load (almost every thing)"} Help 🙁

  2. hey pls dont die like every gts chanel i sucribed then i pay respect for all of them. You are one good like them because i see u do 100% progess in every game and make perfect walkthrough so pls dont die by hater and reporter

  3. I'm trying to download the English version but I dont know what to do. I've downloaded this MEGA thing but dont know what else to download. When i found the game there was a bunch of files. Do you know files i need to download?

  4. 28:45
    Daichi: I better stay away from girls.
    Me, an introvert-closet-socially-awkward-weeb: HAH! THATS SO EASY! I NATURALLY GENERATE FEMALE REPELLENT! HAHAHA!
    AHHAHAHAHAHAehehehh…(cries in corner)

  5. Just a heads up, the jingle that plays whenever you win a battle is REALLY loud in this video, so headphone users beware.

  6. Recently finished the game myself but had no idea about a translated version XD
    Looking forward to your playthrough!

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