Sony has put the PlayStation 4 on a diet. On September 7th, Sony announced an updated “Slim” PS4, as well as a more powerful 4K-capable PS4 Pro console. The slim variant will phaseout the existing “older” PS4 consoles on store shelves. Aside from the build construction, the PS4 (Slim) features the same internal specifications. Though, it now has support for 5GHz Wi-Fi and contains no optical port.

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38 thoughts on “Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Unboxing, Setup and Impressions

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  2. Damn this comment section is ghosted. Anyone who happens to come cross my comment please like it. Written on 6/16/20.

  3. The PS5 has been revealed this week, but I still consider buying a ps4 slim since I think the ps5 will be relatively expensive. Is it still worth it in 2020? Never had a PlayStation console before, but I want to play some exclusives 😀

  4. Yeah ik, this video is old but I'm getting this console today and in super excited because this is my first PlayStation and I'm just happy

  5. I have the launch version ps4 and after 5/6 years of flawless use I’m planning to get the slim mainly due to the fact that my original ps4 sounds like a jet and cleaning it hasn’t really helped much

  6. I got my slim around Christmas time 2019 only problem I have with it is where you would plug in the controllers are in the external device to the front of the system the ports are really loose I have an external hard drive to the fact that there's not enough hard drive in any of these systems and every now and then it just comes out or just loosens up enough to tell me that my hard drive was unplugged in correctly and I have to redo the fixing of the hard drive and then redo where I was in my game it's a little bit of a pain in the butt.

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