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21 thoughts on “Super Mario Sunshine: WHATEVER, DAD – PART 31 – Game Grumps

  1. "See what I like to do now as an adult is to take all of that anger and frustration and push it down deep inside of me until it becomes a seething, white core of pure hate." I honestly relate to this more than I should

  2. “SOMEBODY PUT TEARS ON MY PILLOW!!” Will forever be one of my favourite game grumps quotes 😂😂😂

  3. You know technically speaking chickens are the closest descendants of dinosaurs so it would have to have been some weird dinosaur that laid the egg.

  4. It's because parents caved in when their kids threw tantrums and gave them everything they demanded. Spoiling them rotten.

  5. Their 2013 commentary of childish corporate bosses throwing tantrums strongly applies to the current leader of the US.

  6. This series was has really helped with going through a lot in my life and its great that we can come back to things like this and just laugh

  7. Im the complete opposite. Like if my dad gets upset at me and yells, I would try to keep it together and then when he left I'd go cry my eyes out.

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