The Game Boy line of consoles is much beloved by our generation, but it’s one major flaw shouldn’t go unrecognized. Luckily, Japan had a solution…

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24 thoughts on “The Best Game Boy Nintendo Ever Made: Game Boy Light

  1. Import games and consoles were a HUGE part of every non-chain video game store I shopped at in the 90s.

  2. I know what you mean with everyone nowdays acting like they're common in the states. I asked a game store about them and the guy was like "Yeah they're pretty common". Me surprised by what he said, I told him they were only in Japan, and he was like "No they were here in the states too." And of course they didn't have one.

  3. This was so great to watch. My family visited Japan when I was 8 back in 1998 and my Dad bought this for himself as a souvenir. Like you said, it was exclusive to Japan – I remember waiting for this to come out in the states and it never did.

  4. I exchanged my Game Boy light for a Game Boy Color, I was so disappointed afterward I had to buy the game boy worm light.

  5. Never heard of this one before, and i think that this one is the coolest. Im considering to buy one, just to play old games from my childhood with an additional coolnes touch 🙂

  6. yeah but the gameboy light only came out in japan and is rare 2 find in the united states not only cuz it originally came out in japan but also cuz they didnt make a lot of em

  7. i actually just got a dmg gameboy in amazing condition for about 15 bucks and yes, in 2019, almost 2020 im currently playing pokemon yellow on one of those thickbois

  8. i wish i could have a gameboy color or a original gameboy advance with a backlit screen without having to learn to solder or spend 200 dollars

  9. I think some of the confusion comes from the fact that the original gameboy(large carrying case edition set) came with a "gameboy LIGHT" it was literally a huge attachment that had a magnifying glass and light on it so you could play in the dark. I found this set at a garage sale in mint condition many years ago.

  10. Había una lampara lupa para el game boy que servia para jugar si no tenias el game boy light yo tenia el game boy light y game boy color y la lupa lampara

  11. why does ever gameboy light video call it a backlight…

  12. I'm colorblind and I want one so bad because the way it looks is so pleasing to my eyes. I hope I can get one for a price that isn't TOO crazy

  13. Bought mine months ago, and now and again the novelty strikes back up and I play Pokemon
    Red again (even though it keeps losing its data) XD

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