25 thoughts on “THE DARE GAME W/ ROOMMATES

  1. Whoa whoa when Corey said dare or dare a guitar part from Rock you like a Hurricane played 🤘🤘

  2. Ok honestly at the beginning of the vid up to his first dare Colby looks like he doesn't give a dick about anything that's happening😂

  3. holy shit-
    I just realized that they have a My Hero Academia poster
    hell yeah
    you can see it at 5:31

  4. 9:07
    Sam: Starts crying
    Corey: Oh F*ck Sam Sam Sam Sam
    Jake: Spanks Sams foot
    Also Jake: Puts the wet hand on Aaron's face
    Everyone: WET FOOT SOCK GUY!

  5. I’m surprised Corey said that he didn’t wanna be spanked and that he wanted to be whipped I would expect that from Colby

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